Red, White & Blue Bonnet: Joy in the Tub!

Friday, May 16, 2008

This is a LONG overdue review of my order from Red, White and Blue Bonnet on eBay. I had heard several great reviews about this etailer a long while back and Carol's business name stuck in my head. A few weeks ago, I realized I was in need of bath bombs and bubble bars. I used to make my own bath bombs, and while they are nice, I formed them by hand each time and had no patience for the little decorative touches.

The last bubble bars I had were from Lush, and they almost all contain SLS (for the bubbles). They made me itch and I developed irritation on my arms and legs from use. It is hard to find an SLS-free bubble bar. Carol's bubble bars contain a "cousin" to SLS which is derived from coconut oil and much more gentle to the skin. I wouldn't want to soak in it daily because of my easily irritated skin, but when I have the chance for a long bath, it's fine.

Nick and Ben enjoy bath bombs in the tub, so I also let them choose a couple by looking at pictures on the screen of the computer. Here is what we ordered:

Bath Bombs: Birthday Cake, Pink Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Noel, Carnivale, Creme Brulee, and Bamboo Sugarcane. (Carnivale and Bamboo Sugarcane were gifts to a friend.)

Bubble Bars: Wedding Cake, But for Grace, Matin Calin

Let me begin my saying that the selection offered in this eBay shop is wonderful. Carol has an enormous offering of bath products.

I had a 9 item order. Carol's store states that she makes every item to order, and her turnaround time is great. I received my order in about a week or so.

This new to me etailer packed the delicate bath items very well. The box smelled great BEFORE I untaped it. The boys loved the Birthday Cake bath bomb. It fizzed to their liking. AS you may guess, little boys enjoy all sorts of noises, even that of bath bombs. The bath bombs added moisture to the water to nourish everyone's skin without making the tub a greasy mess.

I particularly enjoyed the Vanilla Noel (smells like a Vanilla Bean Noel dupe) bath bomb. My skin felt silky, but not oily. The fragrance was light and non-irritating.

My favorite part of this order, though, was the Bubble Bath Bars. They are FANTASTIC. The Wedding Cake one is a true Wedding Cake scent, which is very hard to find. I use half a bar for each bath, and this provides me with a tub FULL of luxurious and soft bubbles. Tonight I plan a bath with her Amazing Grace dupe.

Red, White & Blue Bonnet is very much an underrated etailer. Carol's customer service is pleasant, the turnaround time was great, and her bubble bars and bath bombs are of the highest quality. She takes great care in making these bath items, and it shows in each and every single tub treat. All are beautiful to look at. I prefer the simpler ones (like my pretty bubble bath bars). I can tell you, however, that the bath bombs were a hit with Nick and Ben because they were highly decorated. If you don't want them fussed over, she does requests and you can ask for them to be left plain.

If you're looking for some very affordable, LARGE, and wonderful bath items, stop over to this great eBay store today!

Aloha Coconut: Fantastic Products & Service with a Smile!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I would like to take a few moments here to rave about my phenomenal order from ALOHA COCONUT!

I ordered Friday afternoon (May 2nd) and had my order at 10am Monday (the 5th!). Now that is lightning fast shipping.

I am very, very impressed with Jennifer's company. She closed right around the same time that I closed FCB in June 2007. Jen opened up her shop again and she decided to have a clearance sale.

I would like to first say that Jennifer's customer service is stellar. She is quick to answer questions and even though it is across the net, you can tell that her responses are genuine. If you truly want service with a smile while etailer shopping, Aloha Coconut will give you that!

I ordered 5 of the Island Pearl Body Wash: Peach Bellini, Regal Rice Pudding, Iced Tea Twister, Miss Mud Fudge, and Hawaiian Ginger. The Aloha Sun Smoothie (body lotion) I ordered is also in Miss Mud Fudge.

My package was shipped Priority Mail and packaged with great care. My products were carefully wrapped in fuchsia striped packaging. The bottles are fun and gift worthy: amber PET with white caps and the labels are so tropical and put you in a cheery mood. Labels are truly waterproof, as they have been hit with water for the last 4 days in the shower with no wear.

I have to say that this is the first time I have ever ordered several different scents from ANYWHERE, retail or etail, and truly enjoyed every scent upon cold sniff. There is always that ONE that just isn't right, which is pretty normal when you can't sniff it before buying. All scents are true to their descriptions and you can tell that the quality of her fragrance oils is definitely top-notch.

I have now had a chance to try each body wash and am adoring them all. My skin is very sensitive and it is rare for me to be able to use a liquid or gel body wash without itching like crazy. The only other body wash that hasn't bothered my skin has been the Surf's Up formula by Coconut Hut.

My initial thoughts were that I liked the Aloha Coconut formula and Coconut Hut formula about the same. Both are SLS-free and Paraben-free. Both are of similar consistencies. Neither make me itch. Neither make my skin as soft as an olive oil cold process soap, but I have come to realize that is to be expected. I love my collection of soaps, but this time of year I just love to use my loofah and a lighter weight shower gel or body wash.

The key difference between these two WONDERFUL products is the scent factor. The Aloha Coconut product has a scent which lingers for hours, even without layering with lotions, sprays, EDPs, etc. in the same scent. As great as the Surf's Up Body Wash from Coconut Hut is (and it is), the scent fades on me quickly. I can say without a doubt that this is my new favorite body wash and that I will be repurchasing from Jennifer very soon!

I also have to give a glowing recommendation for Aloha Sun Smoothie, Jennifer's lightweight body lotion. As much as I love creams and butters, this is the time of year when I stick to lotion. I don't want anything sticky or a formula that doesn't absorb quickly. I really did not need another lotion, but decided to order one anyway. I chose Miss Mud Fudge. It's a nice scent. If you have a Cheeburger Cheeburger near you (you know the yummy burger place with 80+ flavors of milkshakes?), this smells just like their Mud Pie milkshake. YUM.

I am 6/6 with my first of many Aloha Coconut orders. I ordered 6 products and will happily use them all up! Today I showered with the Hawaiian Ginger and it is so fresh, yet soft and unique.

For those of you wanting stellar customer service with a smile AND products free of the nasty chemicals, run, don't walk on over to Aloha Coconut. Jennifer is having a sale right now as well! It's her last sale of the season and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Aloha Coconut Order, Other Handmade Finds

Friday, May 2, 2008

So I just placed a nice little Aloha Coconut Order today!

Jennifer is revamping her website and making some changes and had an awesome sale! I was thinking of a pick me up order and her newsletter appeared in my inbox.

Why did I need a little pick me up? If you've been sitting in the house with the stomach virus spreading like wildfire affecting a 2 year old, 4 year old and Mommy, then you KNOW why!

Nick has been sick since Wednesday. He seemed better this morning after being down for a couple days. I got him packed up for preschool and as I grabbed my keys, he started throwing up. Again....time number 12 or so in the past couple of days. Ben has been affected, but thankfully nothing like Nick...and Mommy catches whatever the boys have, so it has been so much fun. We did have an outing today, though! We got to go to the pediatrician's office. If you're a fellow germaphobe, you know there's nowhere "germier" than the waiting room at a pediatrician's office where all the sick kids share the same wooden train set.

So life in the Mott house since Wednesday hasn't been much fun. Nick just cried himself to sleep when it occurred to him that he will miss tennis lessons tomorrow AM. He just started last Saturday. It's cute--a class for 4 year olds at the high school, and to see the kids having fun without all the competition they will encounter later on is just lots of fun!

Back to my Aloha Coconut Order:

I ordered Body Washes in: Peach Bellini, Hula Hawaiian Ginger, Miss Mud Fudge, Iced Tea Twister and Regal Rice Pudding.

I need NO lotion or body cream, and I already have a Cleanse Your Soul order coming soon with some Body Milk and Emollients, but I did order one lotion from Aloha Coconut in Miss Mud Fudge. Her sale has about wiped out her inventory. I can see why! Her paraben-free body wash is on sale $4 for 4 ounces, as is the lightweight body lotion.

I am very eager to try Jennifer's items!

When we are all back to normal here in the house I will have to devote some time to my Red, White & Blue Bonnet bubble bar and bath bomb order, which arrived last week and is wonderful.

I also need to share a FABULOUS find on eBay--a lovely woman who makes shabby chic and other styles of quilted fabric handbags. I received on Monday that is gorgeous, has been complimented EVERY time I have gone out, and was only $14.99! One like this in most Etsy shops or in small boutiques would go for much more. This is great and I will have to snap a picture and share the details!

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