Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 30

Sunday, November 30, 2008

If you have a special someone on your gift list who adores shabby prim, this handmade tree from The French Bee would be a wonderful gift. $18

I ordered from this young Etsy shop last month--a lovely shabby toile tree in sage greens and lavenders to add some festivity to my lavender dining room. The seller is a wonderfully kind woman, and a portion of the proceeds of my tree order was donated to the hospital where her daughter has been receiving care. To read her inspirational story, check out her blog.

When you're done reading her story, head over to one of her two Etsy shops, The French Bee or Miss Emma's Closet

Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 29

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fargo, North Dakota's DoggieLicious Gourmet Dog Treats brings us today's Chic & Green Gift Guide item of the day!

I was searching Etsy for a Christmas present for our dog, Cannon, and I came across some decadent doggie treats your pooch will love.

How about some Carob & Yogurt Dipped Biscuits? Pumpkin Twists? The shop offers doggie-safe bakery treats from cookies to muffins. Prices are very competitive as well.

What I like most is that fact that these are healthful, preservative free treats. Only natural ingredients are used.

Every dog I have had has truly been part of my family, from Hershey, the stubborn Cocker Spaniel who got me through my parents' divorce and awkward teenage years to Buddy, another black Cocker Tom and I got at the Humane Society in our early 20s. He was a remarkable companion who was like a child to us.

Now there is Cannon, our 90+ pound German Shepherd, also from the Humane Society. While he is huge and believes he is a lap dog, he is wonderful with our boys and surely deserves a special gift this holiday season!

Head right on over to DoggieLicious Gourmet Dog Treats on Etsy. Get that faithful companion of yours something he'll truly enjoy (get that idea that Fido wants a sweater out of your head)!

Candles From the Keeping Room Review

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bag of Tarts from Candles From the Keeping Room

Today we're going to take a small detour from Etsy over to eBay.

Over the past week or so, I have ordered from 3 eBay sellers and am 3/3 with outstanding orders!

I focus so much on Etsy that I need to remember every now and then that there are some great places for gifts on eBay as well.

Over the next couple of days, I'll give in depth reviews of some of these great shops. Today I'd like to start with my favorite (and they were all good).

Candles from the Keeping Room is going to be my go to shop for primitive and grubby tarts without a doubt! I ordered a few different packages of tarts to put in holiday gift baskets for friends and family this year, and they are really good.

Carol, the owner of this shop, creates cozy and spicy scents which remind me of being in a gift shop full of primitives in Upstate NY on a cool fall day. Tarts are really "grubby" in style and just are so warm and welcoming. They arrive in a cello bag with prim ribbon.

As I mentioned, most of these are gifts, with the exception of one bag of tarts. Luckily, Carol included some amazing extras, including a strongly scented holiday delight, Vanilla Iced Cinnamon Roll. I had this burning all day for Thanksgiving and it scented the whole house for about 10 hours (before I turned it off). In all honesty, it was a bit too strong about an hour into burning, and I thought it was going to make my allergies flare up. After a few hours, it mellowed out into the perfect holiday home scent!

Tarts are very reasonably priced and the scent throw is amazing. If you love bakery and holiday spice scents, this should be your next stop while shopping for tarts. You can get a bag of 6 for only $4.75. 

I was so impressed by this shop that I placed a small order today just for me! I ordered one bag of Vanilla Iced Cinnamon Rolls, a 3 ounce grubby muffin tart in Cinnamon Blueberry Harvest, and a 7 tart sampler of bakery/fall scents for 4.95.

Shortly after ordering, Carol let me know she received my order and would be mailing my order Monday. Her customer service is impeccable. I will be back again I am quite sure! I know my gift recipients will also enjoy their tarts!

Chic & Green Returns Monday

I am sorry for the lack of posts the past couple days! I have been getting orders made and packed, as well as my limited-edition holiday gifts posted on to Etsy :)

With Thanksgiving and there being no school for Nick or work for Tom, we've been really busy here at home so I need to take a couple of days off from the blog.

I promise to return with LOADS of cool things to share on Monday (maybe sooner).

Sneak peeks of Reviews and Discussions:

*My amazing order from Candles from the Keeping Room

*Grubby beeswax candle delights from Tattered Saltbox Primitives

*Bath Bombs from Red, White & Blue Bonnet

*My Bathed & Infused order

*What's In It Wednesday

*LOTS of Etsy Love

I'll be back to daily/a couple times daily posting after the holiday weekend

While you're waiting for Chic & Green to return (kidding), if you aren't done holiday shopping, there are some good sales going on!

*I have to mention my Gift Sets and Stocking Stuffers! Most are limited-edition items which will only be back for holidays! My shop remains open through 11/30. Beginning 12/1, I am taking a month off! KZM Facial Care Boutique

*Crater Lake Company $12.25 gift sets

*JojoElle sale continues

*Aunt Nancy has an amazing 3/$10 soap deal Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving to My Readers!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wishing everyone a beautiful and joyous Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a wonderful day spent with the ones for whom you're most thankful.

I am so thankful for so many gifts in my life, the greatest gift being my family--my boys who are watching the Macy's parade as I did when I was their age--and my hubby who is getting me some of my favorite coffee so I can keep up the pace in the kitchen today, and the rest of my family and friends as well.

I am also thinking about my brother in law today. We are very thankful for Zach and all of the other brave men and women over in Iraq (and other war zones) who cannot physically be with their families for Thanksgiving because they are far away. 

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

Note: Chic & Green is will be be back tomorrow.

Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 26

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I was strolling around the lovely Karen's Etsy shop, Lula Boutique, and spotted these gorgeous earrings.  These would be a wonderful addition to someone's jewelry wardrobe!

Karen offers several items in her shop for our gift guide price of less than $20. These are $17 and show of Karen's talent of creating timeless, yet vintage glam-inspired lovelies!

25 Days of Holiday Home: Cheerful Stockings

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rikrak on Etsy has some really bright and cheerful stockings for your holiday home. These would be fun for a children's room or to add a punch of color to a crisp and modern room.

$5 each at Rikrak.

Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 25

I realize that not everyone will adore this gift selection as much as I do. If you have a loved one on your list who loves vintage and pink, this is perfect!

I have always loved vintage items. There was a little shop in Palmyra that Mom used to buy me things from as gifts--they may have been "pre-enjoyed", but I love the history behind vintage things. I like to have things that aren't at every shop at the mall--something that reflects my personality. As long as it's not shoes or underwear, I think of buying pre-enjoyed items as a great form of recycling. 

I stumbled upon these pink cups in the Etsy shop kathleensue.

I haven't seen new pink cups in a while--and they would go great in my watercolor soft green kitchen or in my lavender dining room (in a house of males, I do need  some feminity through my decorating).

For your vintage loving friend, these cups (6 for 14.99) would be great in an old basket or rusty tin pot even with some of the great Etsy coffees and teas as a gift.

Makeup Monday: My Favorite Lipstick

Monday, November 24, 2008

Glamorous, my go-to lipstick

I have a favorite lipstick. I wear it often, several days a week.

I was cleaning my makeup case out and paring down over the weekend and I realized that of all of my lispticks, I have 3 or 4 that I wear on rotation. The others are pretty much one hit wonders--I wear them now and then but not enough to ever buy a second tube.

I have some lipsticks I really adore, but only once before have I found a color and formula I love enough to repurchase. The last one I bought 4 or 5 tubes of: Estee Lauder Futurist Lipstick in Divine Wine. It has since been discontinued and I have used every tiny bit left from each tube.

I was looking at my lipstick supply and I realized that I only have one other that I truly would miss if I didn't have it to wear: Smashbox Photofinish in Glamorous. It is the perfect color for me. I have very fair skin (For reference I wear Everyday Minerals Intensive in Fawn or else Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer in Fair) with lots of ruddiness and not a hint of warmth in my skin tone. You can look through and see the blue veins and pink and you know I am a "cool" girl.

I have blue-green eyes and Glamorous is a subtle pinkish plum, but not a dark plum. It is a great plum for fair skinned women with cool undertones. I wear it very often, either on its own or under Cargo lipgloss.

I love the formula because it hydrated the lips. My lips are moist all day long, and I require maybe 2 touch ups in 14 hours (I drink a pot of coffee a day, so I do need to touch up).

Glamorous is on my lips right now. While the ingredients list could use a little overhaul, this lipstick is paraben-free and palm oil free.

I do believe this has replaced my beloved Divine Wine!

Find it at Ulta, Sephora,, and--if you're lucky you can find it for $8 or so on eBay!

What lipstick shade is your go-to shade?

The Perfect Gift for Bath & Body Lovers

JojoElle is having a holiday sale right now. If you haven't tried her after reading my reviews of her fabulous Hair Conditioner, you need to head right over and check out her Holiday Gift Set.

I am having a Handmade Christmas this year. With the exception of the toys for the boys and that little thing for hubby called a Wii, everything I am buying is from Indie etailers from Etsy and all over the web.

 Not only does buying handmade help the economy, but you are getting high quality products from people who love what they do. Almost every "etailer" I know is a mom who loves what she does and is afforded the opportunity to work from home. 

Instead of supporting a multi-million dollar corporation selling products containing harsh chemicals, you're buying from work at home moms who take great care to choose ingredients beneficial to your skin. Just be ingredients-savvy and do your homework and there are many great options. Plus, no parking spot wars like you'd get at the mall.

I have ordered Christmas presents from Cocoa Pink, Mad City Soap, Aunt Nancy's, JojoElle, Candles From the Keeping Room, as well as Red, White & Blue Bonnet (for Carol's GREAT bath bombs) thus far. I will do gift baskets for the ladies in my life with an assortment of handmade treats and I know they'll adore them.

I am very particular about packaging, though, when it comes to gift giving. Some companies I would buy from for myself I wouldn't give as a gift. JojoElle and Crater Lake Company are my two go-to companies when I want superior products and packaging.

JojoElle has a great gift set right now for $22.50. This will buy you 3 full-sized items in your choice of scents.

Last night I ordered a set from myself as a gift for going to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with Nick yesterday. It was loud and hectic as Chuck E. Cheese always is. Nick had fun, though!

This morning I decided that it was such a great buy that I would order a second set to divvy up for some gifts. The deciding factor in ordering a second set is the fact that the Chocolate Boheme Perfume I ordered LATE THURSDAY (as in the 20th) arrived THIS MORNING. Fast shipping added to the fact that I smell so good equals another JojoElle order.

I really am eager to try her Whipped Bubble Scrub. The only foaming sugar scrub I have enjoyed in the past has been the So Broke scrub from Cocoa Pink, but this contains Propylene Glycol, an ingredient on my no-no list. JojoElle's scrub is propylene glycol free--a huge bonus!

Here is what I ordered from the fabulous Jo, and a description of these holiday scents as described on her website.

Gift Set 1:

Iced Eggnog Cupcakes (Frosted Glass Perfume, 1oz.): Sweet and spicy eggnog folded into our signature cupcake blend. Topped with buttercream frosting, whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg! 

Marshmallow Snowflurry (Whipped Bubble Scrub, 4 ounces): A Flurry of marshmallows, holiday cupcakes, sugar cookies and sprinkles! and green ones of course!

Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes (Hair Conditioner, 4 ounces): A scrumptious dessert of lemon bundt cupcakes with a decadent cream cheese frosting!

Gift Set 2:

Christmas in Tahiti (Frosted Glass Perfume, 1 oz.): Creamy Island Coconut, sweet and tart cranberries, soft, gooey marshmallows, and crunchy gingerbread!

Cremasse (Ultra Luxe Lotion 4 oz.):  A delicious Haitian holiday drink of rum, coconut milk, condensed milk and a hint of eggnog spices.

Red & White Peppermint Cake (Whipped Bubble Scrub): Soft wedding cake with a peppermint candy cane swirl! Back from last year!

If you're pondering a JojoElle order, she has a great Goody Bag free with any purchase of $25 or more and free shipping if you spend over $75. Her shipping costs, though, are very low if you are placing a small order.

If you're new to JojoElle, I can tell you that you will love her products. Click the link as fast as you can and buy a Gift Set today. It's a great way to try 3 of her products and 3 different scents.

Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 24

Are you looking for a gift for the child who has everything? How about a personalized handmade placemat. Let's face it, if you have little kids they are most likely making a mess at the table. I know my boys do at times, especially Ben.

These placemats are $12.99 and include a dinnerware set.

Find it at Kate's Creations over on Etsy today.

25 Days of Holiday Home: Shabby Spoon

Sunday, November 23, 2008

If you love delicate roses and shabby chic, you'll surely adore this handpainted spoon ornament from Georgiana Gems on Etsy.

Tied with pink organza ribbon, this ornament is $8.99.

Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 23

I spotted these simply chic sterling silver wire wrapped rings over at Far Afield Jewelry on Etsy. The stacker rings come with your choice of Swarovski crystals or Czech glass. I love the stones above because peridot is my birthstone while aquamarine is one of my favorite colors.

These rings are $14 each, 2 for $24, or 3 for $30. If you buy 3, you can have 3 separate gifts or else you can stack 2 on your own finger and give 1 away--so many budget-friendly options.

Head over to Far Afield today and check out all of the other great gift ideas!

25 Days of Holiday Home: Gift Tags

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I love unique tags on Christmas gifts. They really dress up a gift. I am wrapping smaller gifts in old sheet music and adorning them with velvet ribbon and handmade tags. 

I found these great tags at Paper Eclectique on Etsy. This shop offers so many different tags to add that special touch to your holiday gift presentation. There are some lovely ones with a French chic theme--I adore them--and many others for any taste. Check out this wonderful paperie today!

Happy Birthday to Jeff!

1977 Fashion

I'm quite sure my big brother isn't an avid Chic & Green reader. Today is his birthday, though, and I'd like to send him a big birthday wish!

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 22

Today's gift guide item for less than $20 comes from the Etsy shop full of lovely jewery called Whimsy by Mari.

Dark topaz Swarovski crystals sit atop honey colored lentils. These would look stunning on someone with golden or auburn highlights.

What a beautiful gift!


25 Days of Holiday Home: Wildenblue Farm Primitives

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wildenblue Farm Primitives is a business based in Upstate NY in the Adirondacks region. I actually plan to feature this shop at greater length in 2009 when I finally begin my Shop NY feature (yes, it's been delayed until after the holidays).

If you love primitive decor, you will surely find something to strike your fancy in this great Etsy shop. She has a vast selection of items from which to choose for your Christmas decor.

I like the advent calendar--what a lovely change from the common cardboard ones you find everywhere. This would be wonderful to have in your family for years to come. $34.99

I also love the unique handpainted gourd. I wouldn't look at a gourd and picture it becoming Santa Claus, but this came out really beautifully. You can see the detail in Santa's eyes--it's a greta piece. $48.00

The Santa handpainted board will also make a welcome addition to your prim decorating this holiday season! $39.99

For more prim wares for Christmastime and year 'round, head right on over to Wildenblue Farm Primitives and tell them that Chic & Green sent you!

Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 21

How pretty! Felted ornaments with embellishments are offered at this great Etsy shop. This shop is run by Janette of the online storefront cj twiggs, which is a business owned by two sisters, Janette and Connie.

Janette's Etsy shop features beautiful handfelted brooches, ornaments and more.

I love this ornament. It makes me think of holiday warmth and beauty just by looking at it.

Head over to this great shop today and pick yourself up an ornament--or my favorite item, the brooch above (for my winter coat).

There are gift options for less than $20, including the rose brooch, which is $16 and made of alpace wool. The ornaments are $22. 

I Have Found My Must Have Winter Scent!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I received my highly anticipated JojoElle order today! I couldn't wait to tear open the box and sniff my new conditioners.

I received two pump bottles of conditioner in Color: Cream and Chocolate Boheme.

Here are my impressions:

COLOR: CREAM--This is a very soft and sophisticated comfort scent. The vanilla ice cream, marshmallow and caramel notes add warmth, while the touch of musk gives this an elegant take. Very nice!

CHOCOLATE BOHEME--If you recall, Crater Lake Company's Coconut Bavarois rocked my world this summer when it arrived. I still wear it at least twice a week because it is so beautiful. I had the same "WOW!" reaction when I sniffed Chocolate Boheme. I love gingerbread and chocolate blends when they are done right, and this is beyond all expectations.

Chocolate Boheme smells exactly like spicy gingerbread fresh from the oven, moist and decadent with a dark chocolate sauce poured over the top. It is amazing--the most amazing gingerbread blend ever. I only wish Jo made shampoo to go with this.

It is such a rich scent, very true to its description. I will be ordering a bottle of Eau de Parfum in this scent today because it is that good. This is going to be my winter go-to scent the way Coconut Bavarois was all summer long. Yum!

In the words of the Gingerbread Man, "Run, run as fast as you can" over to JojoElle now!

Black Friday Preview!

I keep getting convos through Etsy asking whether I will be having a "Black Friday" sale.

I am not having a sale because this month I am donating half of all sales to charity, but I will be bringing out my special holiday gift sets next Friday! I had a great set that sold quickly and am making 3 great gift set options from which to choose. All will be available Friday of next week through Sunday the 30th.



This is an awesome set. I have been whipping up aloe butter, coconut oil, argan oil and shea butter to make a rich butter all week. These sets will be available with 3 two ounce butters: a Vanilla Lover's Set and a Chocolate Lover's Set.

The Vanilla Lover's Set will include:

Vanilla (plain true vanilla made from my  blend of vanilla essential oil, oleoresin, absolutes)
Comforting Blend (vanilla & almond essential oils, honey extract)
Candy Cane Twist (vanilla and peppermint essential oils)

The Chocolate Lover's Set will include:

Decadence (Cocoa Absolute & Vanilla)
Anna's Winter Cocoa (Cocoa Absolute, Vanilla, Peppermint)
Cocoa Fleur (Cocoa Absolute and Rose Essential Oil)

The sets containing 3 Body Butters are 100% natural and will sell for $13.50 (Value of $17.25).

Sweet Dreams Set:

Dreamland Sleep Balm (0.5 ounce)
Dreamland All Natural Pillow Mist (2.5 oz, new)
Dreamland Blend Luxury Body Milk (4 ounces)--This is new and will be my Comforting Blend fragrance (vanilla, smidge of almond and honey extract) with added lavender.

$14.50 (Value of  $19.25)

Facial Basics Set:

I will offer a Facial Set! This set is my best value ever!

Goat's Milk Facial Cleanser (4 ounces)
Rosewater & Aloe Vera Facial Mist (2.5 oz.)
Goat's Milk Facial Cream (2 oz)
Deluxe trial 1/8 ounce Signature Eye Serum

All of these will be $19.50 (Value of $25)

Quantities will be limited.

The special sets will either go up late Thanksgiving night or on Friday all depends if I am crazy enough to be out at Toys R Us at 6am Friday or not....

Just a reminder that I will close my shop on Etsy for the month of December to spend lots of time with my family. I know this may not be the wisest business decision, but that is the beauty of having my own business--I can make family #1 and make no apologies for it. All orders left to be made and shipped from November will still be made and shipped in my normal time frame--I am just not taking new orders.

Chic & Green Etsy Love Holiday Gift Guide: Day 20

Cupcakes! You know I love these...$18

What an adorable frog ornament for $8

Dress ornaments $8 each

How sweet are these hand painted lovelies from Jillian Haupt & Co. on Etsy?

Jillian offers a wonderful selection of ornaments and signs for baby's nursery.  All of the pictured items in the Chic & Green piece are less than $20.

While most of these items are ideal for your children, they would be great for all kids at heart!

Check out her shop for a full selection of hand-painted treasures and tell her Chic & Green sent you.

So excited: Aunt Nancy's New Soap...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My favorite Etsy soap maven, Aunt Nancy of Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soap announced on her blog that she will soon have goat's milk soaps!

I am so excited! Today I ordered 5 bars of Nan's soaps. A couple are for me and 3 are for Christmas gifts. After I ordered, I looked over at her blog again and saw the post!

Every single bar of Nancy's olive oil soaps have been so exquisite, I can only imagine what they will be like with goat's milk added in to her recipe. I can almost feel that soft lather on my skin now!

If you haven't checked out my favorite soap seller, please head over tonight and check her out. Her soaps are the best on Earth and would make great gifts!

Chic & Green Etsy Love Guft Guide: Day 19

Today's gift guide feature is this lovely handmade greeting card. Available for $6 at Sushipots Art Objects, these original mixed media collage cards are mounted on Italian stationery. There is strong attention to detail, right down to the hand stitching.

The feeling of thse cards is definitely vintage childhood Christmas joy!

If you're looking for a truly one of a kind greeting this Christmas, head on over to Sushipots!

25 Days of Holiday Home: Next Door to Heaven

Fans of vintage and Ephemera will love this piece. This altered art ornament would make a lovely addition to your Victorian-themed Christmas tree.

What's In It Wednesday: Natural Lip Butters

Today's edition of What's In It Wednesday is going to focus on two "natural lip butters" made by the popular brands Korres and Carol's Daughter. Both are available at Sephora. How natural are these butters? The results may surprise you.

For reference, I am comparing Korres Natural Products Pomegranate Lip Butter, which is 0.21 oz. for $9 to Carol's Daughter Lip Butter, which is 0.4 oz. for $7.

Let's first take a look at Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter.

Ingredients: Polybutene, Trimethylolpropane Triisostearate, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Hydroxystearic Acid, Polyethylene, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate, Sucrose Tetrastearate Triacetate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Tocopherol, Aroma, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Punica Granatum Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, CI 77891, CI 15850, CI 77491.

So what are these ingredients and is this truly a natural product?

POLYBUTENE: This is a chemical polymer. It is relatively harmless for polymers...

TRIMETHYLOLPROPRANE TRIISOSTEARATE: Chemical again. This is a triester of trimethylolpropane and isostearic acid. No studies have been done to assess whether this is safe for skin or not. It can cause skin irritation.

HYDROGENATED POLYDECENE: Another synthetic, lab-created polymer. It can be emollient to the skin...While I'd say a natural products company may want to consider natural butters and oils in this future, this still will moisturize a bit.

HYDROXYSTEARIC ACID: A fatty acid, as well as surfactant. This has been linked in numerous scientific studies to the formation of tumors. Vegetable based stearic acid which be a much better choice.

POLYETHYLENE: Another plastic. You see this in plastic bags. It has been linked to cancer, brain and nervous system disorders and more.

STEARALKONIUM HECTORITE: This is a fine white powder that lets the solids blend into the liquid ingredients. New concerns have been coming out, but this is considered relatively safe.

PROPYLENE CARBONATE: A solvent which is irritating to the skin and eyes.

POLYGLYCERYL-3 DIISOSTEARATE: Gives the skin a very smooth and silky appearance. Pretty safe for use.

SUCROSE TETRASTEARATE TRIACETATE: Sounds bad, but it is actually an emulsifier made of sugars and fatty acids (usually from coconut oil). Not much safety testing has been done on this, but it is considered harmless.

DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE: This is considered safe in food preparation, as it is an inorganic salt. Has not been tested for cosmetics safety, though. Should be OK.

TOCOPHEROL: A-OK! This is Vitamin E, a great antioxidant.

AROMA: Given that it just says aroma, I am going to make the assumption that this is the way Korres describes synthetic fragrance, as they would surely put essential oils if they were natural.

CARTHAMUS TINCTORIUS OIL: This is Safflower Oil, one of my favorites. It is a wonderful oil to help heal the skin, treat eczema and nourish sensitive skin.


PUNICA GRANATUM EXTRACT: Pomegranate Peel Extract

BENZYL ALCOHOL: Can act as an antimicrobial, also as an emollient agent. This form of alcohol, though, can trigger eczema flare ups and skin irritation. Since this isn't near the top of the ingredients listing, I wouldn't worry too much--although this product has enough ingredients near the top of the listing already to be concerned about.

CI 77891: This is Titanium Dioxide.

CI 15850: This is the INCI name for D & C RED ALUMINUM LAKE--the artificial colorant repeatedly linked to cancer and even ADD and other behavioral disorders. You know, Korres could still have this red color by using beet root or other natural colorants. By the way, this is a petro ingredient--it is derived from coal tar and actively tested on animals.

CI 77491: Red Oxide, an iron oxide


I would not call this a natural product. In fact, you have to scroll over to ingredient #10 to get something I would seek out in a lip treatment. By then, the amount of beneficial ingredients in this product in negligible. Almost any Indie etailer will offer a higher quality lip balm for a fraction of the cost.


Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Vanilla and Essential Oil of Bitter Almond

I do not need to dissect this ingredients list, as it is incredibly short and very straight forward. Everything in it is more than acceptable as a natural lip butter. The beneficial ingredients start right at the beginning. Sweet Almond Oil is the number one ingredient, as opposed to Polybutene in the Korres. Nothing is synthetic. While Bitter Almond Essential Oil can be irritating in large, undiluted concentrations (like all essential oils), this is the last ingredient so you won't find it to be irritating. Carol's Daughter offers fabulous products, and this TRULY natural lip butter is no exception.


So there you have it, two "natural" brands with their best selling "natural" lip butters. We've gone over the ingredients lists of both, from the sparse assortment of ingredients in the Carol's Daughter to the very long and not so natural list in the Korres. I do recommend the Carol's Daughter, but this lip balm is overpriced for the size. You may find better options on Etsy. If you're a do it yourselfer, this is actually an easy item to make once you get the hang of it. Pass on the Korres.

Next week I plan to look at Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Hand Soaps.

25 Days of Holiday Home: From Paloma's Nest

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spotted over in the beautiful Etsy shop, Paloma's Nest: this uniquely ovely ceramic ornament.

There are several gorgeous pieces from which to choose, all with great sentiments from "All Is Calm" to "Thank You."

These would looks stunning on a tree which is decorated solely in silver and white.

Check out the ornaments at Paloma's Nest today. She has recently been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, too! Congrats on this achievement.


I took Benjamin to Tim Horton's this morning. We go 4 days a week (Fridays we go to a local diner for pancakes). The people at Tim Horton's know us well enough to know what Ben wants when he says "the usual, please." 

First, we walk Nick over to school. He has half day kindergarten, so the 2.5 hours in the morning are Mommy and Ben time.

While we're at Tim Horton's Ben enjoys chocolate milk and a couple of Timbits (their version of a doughnut hole) while I have a nice mug of coffee. After our morning snack today, we went across the street to Walmart. I needed to run in for some padded mailers and Ben wanted to look at toys.

While we were there, I came across the 25th anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids. They look the way they did back in 1983 when I got my first one. I remember--it was a red haired boy with blue eyes and a pacifier. Gregory Delmar was his name. I changed it to Adam Brian. Adam has a green jumpsuit...Next came Brooke Amanda, Deanna Karley, Ashley Michelle, and two other boys. I forgot their names, although I do still have their adoption papers along with the dolls in the basement. My mom would get me handmade outfits for the dolls from a little shop run by elderly women in Newark, New York called the Crafter's Boutique, which closed many years ago.

When I saw the dolls, I smiled. I didn't yet have a Christmas present for my 3 year old niece, Matilda, and I decided I would get one for her. I know I was 8 when I got mine (8 in the early 80s is a world apart from 8 these days, isn't it?), but I hope she will loves hers as much as I did mine.

I found the doll above--a brunette with pretty green eyes.

I don't buy much from mass market stores these days. In fact, most of the birthday and Christmas gifts I have already purchased are from the many wonderful shops on Etsy and other Indie businesses. I'll still find her something lovely from Etsy, I am sure, but I wanted Matilda to have one of the dolls that I so loved as a child. 

Seeing these dolls really took me took me back 25 years. I remember how badly I wanted one. My mom waited at the crack of dawn in front of the now defunct Ames store in Macedon (a tiny town along the Erie Canal near why I grew up). To get the advertised CPK doll, parents had to be given a ticket. My mom waited but didn't get there in time. I was so sad. We finally found one at a tiny toy store in Perinton (also closed) called Winkin, Blinkin and Nod toys. They had the dolls and my mom bought one for me. It was close to Christmas and she said I could open it Christmas Eve. I waited and waited to open the package--it was one of my favorie gifts of childhood.

Anyway, now that I have rambled's funny how on doll on rollback for $24.88 can bring back so many memories!

Chic & Green Etsy Love Gift Guide: Day 18

Caroline Guenther is the woman behind Cozy Toes, a shop on Etsy specializing in keeping the feet of babies snug as a bug. She knits some really beautiful angora slippers for that special baby in your life. 

Since shades of purple are one of the most peopular colors this season, your little one will be both comfy and stylish this winter! Caroline also offers blue and spice shades for children of either sex.

These lovely slippers sell for $10 a pair.

300 Posts!

Wow. I just noticed when I was writing some things to save here on Blogger that yesterday's "Bon Bons!" post was my 300th post! If you look back at the Chic & Green archives, you'll see that I did not start posting daily (sometimes more often) until late July. I didn't think I could make time to be a regular blogger.

I've come to realize how much I missed writing regularly. My first job in high school, with the exception of babysitting, was at a weekly paper in Wayne County, NY called the Times. For a couple of years, I covered high school sports, wrote up some super exciting (kidding) rundowns of school board meetings, and more. I thought I might be a journalist one day, but that was what my Dad did all of his life and I worried I would be married--in a way--to my career.

I started Chic & Green in 2007 with no focus or direction. I sometimes posted only once a month. I guess I wasn't sure which direction to head with my little blog, which has continued to grow in terms of regular readership each week. Writing about things I love, being truly authentic so me readers know me, and providing regular content is what has made me blog daily. Plus, I love it--I do much of my writing at night, often sitting with my journal to brainstorm ideas and jot down products I'd like to talk about.

I am really happy with where Chic & Green is heading--and I plan to continue daily posting of Indie shopping, beauty and all things lovely for a long time to come. I just want to thank everyone who reads this blog each day and continues to come back for more.

I better get working at finishing post 301!

Bon Bons!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chic & Green's Expert Taste Tester in Training, Master Benjamin

Inside the moist & delicious carrot cake bite

The four varieties I ordered in my dozen

The two boxes I received (6 per box)

Earlier today I received an order from the lovely Heather at  Sugar Smitten Sweets on Etsy. They offer a nice selection of homemade treats, from white chocolate fudge to these heavenly cake bites. They call them "Devil's Bon Bons" in this shop. I will just call them out of this world good.

I thought since domestic divas like myself are rumored to sit around watching soap operas while eating bon bons all day,  I just might have to order some to fit the stereotype.

What I like about this shop is that fact that each bon bon is customizable. You know I like custom blended fragrances--and if it takes me 20 minutes to choose the three scrub scents I'd like in each Mad City Soap scrub, imagine how long I agonized over the cake bite combinations :)

For $12.95 you get one dozen large truffle-sized cake bites. They are worth every penny.

You can choose up to 4 different cake bites, so I chose four varieties.

You can really make up your own unique creation. First, you choose a cake flavor. Next, choose a buttercream. After than, you have the daunting task of selecting mix ins. Lastly, you choose what you'd like it dipped in. YUM.

Here are the ones I chose:

*Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream and Pecans dipped in white chocolate

*Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream,  Rice Krispies and Chocolate Shavings dipped in Dark Chocolate

*Devil's Favorite, which is their creation of 
Devil's Food Cake with Hot Fudge Butter Cream, dipped in Dark Chocolate

*Chocolate Cake with Hot Fudge Buttercream, Butter Toffee and Coconut Dipped in Dark Chocolate

My Thoughts

Now I must confess, I ripped this package right open and had to sample some. Nick is napping, but Ben is down here and he was eager to help me try one. The cake is incredibly moist. You very often end up with dry cake when you order bakery treats through the mail. The cake tastes as if it were made this morning. All are incredibly delicious and I will definitely be ordering some for Christmas gifts!

Of the four, one stands out as being the most delicious of the bunch. Now, they are all wonderful, but I am a carrot cake fanatic.  As much as I love chocolate, Carrot Cake has been my most favorite kind of cake since I was old enough to eat cake.

This is perhaps the best carrot cake I have ever tried. You have the pecans in it, and you can taste pineapple and raisins. It is so delicious. I had this dipped in white chocolate. I'm not a white chocolate fan, but with this carrot cake and cream cheese buttercream, it is the perfect companion.  These are so delicious. 

These are 100% gift worthy as well. In fact, I am headed back today to buy a gift for someone special.

Head over to Sugar Smitten Sweets today and tell them that Chic & Green sent you...while you're there, order the carrot cake ones--a true must have.

Mad in Mad City Soap

Last weekend I ordered 3 perfume roll ons for the holidays from Sue at Mad City Soap.

You may recall me telling you how sinfully delicious smelling the 2 custom holiday scrubs are that I ordered from her a couple weeks back. They smell so divine that I ordered 3 perfumes (3 for $10 in her shop--a bargain) to go along with them.

Here is what I ordered:

*A blend of Iced Gingerbread with Marshmallow Cocoa
*A blend of Marzipan and Pizzelle Cookie
*A blend of Secret Recipe Egg Nog and Sugar Cookie Royale

They arrived a few days ago and I have let them cure a bit and they smell fabulous!

The first blend reminds me of gingersnaps with a confectioner's sugar icing. The "bite" of the gingerbread is softened with an ultra creamy hot cocoa with marshmallow pillows sitting on top. It is really quite exquisite--warm and comforting, while being so rich with a glimmer of spice. This is my favorite of the bunch, and they are all really decadent smelling.

The Marzipan blend is also really nice. Picture a waffle cone scent with richer almond notes. It's nice as well.

Lastly, the creamy egg nog is heavenly. It almost has a custard note (yum) to it and when you add the buttery sweet sugar cookie to it, it is just the perfect scent to wear on Christmas Eve!

Sue's holiday fragrances are wonderful. Having them blended together created some really unique and delicious scents.

You're getting these scrumptious smelling perfumes in your choice of bases for $3.33 each. You absolutely cannot beat that--and Sue's roll ons are better than some that are nearly 3 times that amount.

As always, customer service is top notch. Sue is a genuinely friendly person with a love for what she does. It shows in each item she creates.

I know I've done my gift guide item for the day, but may I suggest ordering 3 for yourself and another set of 3--you'd have 3 stocking stuffer items in the one batch!

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