Chic & Green Rewind: DIY Foaming Bath Whip & Foaming Scrubs

Rewind is an easy and fun recipe which I originally posted September 10th. These make great gifts as well...

Start with Foaming Bath Whip base

I use Vanilla Essential Oil to scent

White sugar works well in a foaming scrub

The Chocolate Mint Scrub contains cocoa powder

This is the amount of suds I am getting just from rinsing the bowl I used in running water!

The finished Chocolate Mint Foaming Scrub

The finished Vanilla Bath Whip

The result of the 20 minute DIY Project!

Today for DIY Wednesday we're going to use 1 base to make two different products.

This is a very simple project and you will be able to make 2 products--Foaming Bath Whip (cream soap) and a Foaming Sugar Scrub--in about 20 minutes start to finish!

Let's talk about our supplies. I am using CRAFTER'S CHOICE FOAMING BATH WHIP BASE from Wholesale Supplies Plus. I have a one gallon bucket. This will cost around $30, but will make many large jars for you to make as gifts or just for some at-home pampering!

You'll also need some carrier oil. I like GRAPESEED OIL because it is a very non greasy oil. SWEET ALMOND OIL is also great in this. Buy these at your favorite natural foods store or even at some supermarkets. Wegmans has both oils.

I am also using VANILLA ESSENTIAL OIL, COCOA ABSOLUTE, and PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL for the scenting of these items.

A good organic cocoa powder and plain white sugar will be used in the scrub.

Lastly, you'll be whipping these great items up with a hand blender.

We're going to make the FOAMING BATH WHIP first. This is a rich and thick bath cream or cream soap. It is perfect for shaving your legs!

I am making a simple vanilla bath whip with Vanilla Essential Oil.

Start with 8 ounces of bath whip base. Add 2 tablespoons of oil. Blend for about 5 minutes with your hand mixer. Make sure you scrape the sides of your bowl so you incorporate everything. Fold in several drops of vanilla essential oil, or scent of your choice. If you are using a synthetic fragrance oil, use 2-3%. I recommend gently folding the oil in with a spatula.

If you only want to make the bath whip, place in jars and you're done!

If you'd like to make a scrub, then leave half of it in the mixing bowl. My scrub will use that vanilla foaming bath whip. Add in 4-6 ounces of sugar to your vanilla bath whip and gently incorporate into your bath whip. It looks like a great deal of sugar, but do not worry!

Add in 3 T. of cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is loaded with antioxidants and contains copper, so this delicious smelling baking staple is also beneficial to your skin! Now I am adding in about 8 drops of peppermint essential oil and 6 drops of cocoa absolute. Gently fold in again.

Now you have a creamy chocolate mint sugar scrub that will foam right up!

When placed in the jars, it'll look like you have 2 dishes of ice cream. If you want to be fancy, you can add in mica, liquid colorants or even sprinkles. You can also pipe the bath whip like a cake icing if this is a special gift.

If you have a lot of product left (dependent on jar size), just place it in an airtight container. I have a Tupperware container of bath whip in my cabinet.

Note: If these are for you or someone you know will use them fairly quickly, you don't need to add a preservative. If you plan to sell these or store them for any length of time, you absolutely need to add a preservative. I recommend Optiphen, which is paraben free, making sure to follow the manufacter's guidelines.


Pink Heels said...

Are the ingredients listed for the base? Does it contain parabens? I want to make this recipe for my friends but I know that many of them are very anti-parabens.

Anne-Marie said...

I really like Foaming Bath Butter for a sugar scrub too. In fact, I just used an FBB based sugar scrub this morning. It's a fun product with a very neutral pH so it's gentle on your skin too.

Karley said...

Yes, and this is paraben-free. I no longer use it (since this was written) because it contains propylene glycol. It has no parabens.

Sami said...

Hi Karley, I love your blog, especially your reviews and recipes. I'm interested in making foaming bath whip also, but the only "good" foaming bath whip base I can find is Wholesale Supplies Plus's, which still contains propylene glycol. Can you recommend any others that contain less toxic ingredients? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks! :)

Karley said...

Try this one--it's a bit better:

Lisa said...

Do you find that the vanilla essential oil discolors the bath whip? Usually, you have to use a vanilla stabilizer in soap and lotions when using vanilla to prevent browning but I noticed your recipe doesn't call for any.

Karley said...


Yes. The vanilla will discolor. I do not use vanilla stabilizer, nor would I recommend it because of its chemical makeup.

As an aside--as I continue to become more and more pure with what I use, I really don't recommend foaming bath whips these days.

The One and Only said...

I have a question please...first of all great tutorials!! I'm thinking of making 3d ice cream cone soaps and haven't found a really good soap frosting....could this be scooped? And does it somehow harden slightly?