Frugal Fridays: Indie Vanillas for $5 or Less

Starring...! Fragrances offers a great vanilla called The Villainess. Try it in her Camera Ready Organic Detangling Gloss on clearance for $5

When she re-opens, try a Touch Up in Princess Vaniglia from Crater Lake Company, $4.50

Set of 3 ice cream cards from Simply Sentimental, $3

Vintage Watkins salt & pepper shakers (vanilla is the salt) from College Girl Vintage, $4

Vanilla Rooibos loose tea from ruaTea, $4.50

Vanilla & vetiver with green tea bath salts from Urban Forest, $4.25

French Vanilla lip balm from Pudleduk Soap Co., $2.50

Vanilla bath bomb from Flowering Tree Botanicals, $2.50

Vanilla bean marshmallows from Jake Bakes, $4.95

Handmade soap with vanilla extract, cinnamon & brown sugar from LOL Soap Co., $4


Nanzy said...

Karley, I'm drooling!!!!!!! hahaha something about Vanilla makes my mouth water~ I am interested trying Shannon product but she's closed right now, I think?

anyway thanks for the suggestions =D

Lady P said...

I love it! And vanilla scents are my favorite

Karley said...


I think Sharonn just has the summer sampler now--I am sure she's opening soon with the full line up, though :)

Lady P--Me too...never get tired of vanilla!

City Girl said...

These are some wonderful vanilla finds!