Good Reads

I just wanted to share some books I am reading now or have read in the past couple weeks that you may enjoy. I've put links to the books at Amazon, but I prefer to borrow most of my books from the local library. Note--I am a Yankees fan, so not all readers will appreciate Book #4 below.


Christine said...

My husband would love the Yankee book! I may have to reserve it at the library for him!!

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Oh these all look like terrific recommendations! Especially "Made From Scratch" and "Baby Cakes." I'll have to check those out! :)

Karley said...


I borrowed the Yankees book from Cooper Rd. I'll be done with it today, and then my hubby is reading it :)

I'll return it next week!

Baby Cakes has some really yummy recipes! I've tried a couple. While I like the book, I thought all items would be gluten-free and only a handful are (the title is misleading).

Made from Scratch was really enjoyable!

Pink Heels said...

Thanks for the reminder about the Babycakes book. I placed it on my list to be notified when it became available but it appears that their system forgot to tell me.

Everytime that I am in NYC, I go to yoga, spend time at Juvenex Spa, and then head over to Babycakes.