Green Meets Chic at Payless!

Zoe and Zac is the new eco-conscious line at Payless.

I am going to get these this weekend! LOVE the purple!

I have never been a fan of Payless. Honestly, I have never been impressed with the quality or appearance of shoes there, but I am actualy going to get a pair of shoes there this weekend!

Once again, I was contacted by the kind folks at Elle magazine to share this wonderful new line of eco-friendly footear, Zoe and Zac, which can be found at affordable prices at Payless.

From the nickel-free hardware to organic cotton to the recycled paper shoeboxes, the line is truly eco-friendly.

If you've tried out the line, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

If they have a 10 in the purple at my local Payless, I will buy them, wear them and let you know my thoughts! Otherwise, I'll order them online.

Elle is also sharing a great coupon code to save to save $5 on shoes online. Click here
for the code.

Note: If you go to where it says "Enter here" a window will pop up to print out a coupon if you prefer to buy in person.

For more info on Zoe & Zac, please visit  their website.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Karley!

I've never been a fan of payless either- but I need to try out the frayed daisy skimmers- they look perfect to wear to school!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find the $5 off coupon


Karley said...

Lavanya, I made a mistake and put a link to Zac and Zoe, not Zoe and Zac. Oops! Actually I just looked and my printable coupon was found by clicking above the online coupon code area.

City Girl said...

How fun. I am definitely checking these out!

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Hey! I'm a 10 too! :)

That is so fabulous that ELLE magazine contacted you!! Wow! So great! Thanks for sharing the great deal...what cute shoes!

Karley said...


Elle has really impressed me lately! They have been promoting green wares more than I ever imagined they would and are having a weekend market of all eco-conscious beauty in LA during May.