Monday's Food: Thanks, Christine!

pic from Christine's blog

I should've taken pictures of the food I made for Mother's Day--Penne with Asparagus, Smoked Gouda and Prosciutto and Linguini with my homemade sauce (with parsley, wine & cheese sausage from Rubino's and chicken), but the food was gone before I had a chance.

I was reading my friend Christine's blog, Finding Abundance in Everyday Life, and saw she posted  a recipe just for me! Thank you, Christine!

Several weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to become a vegetarian. It was equal parts health reasons, equal parts environmental reasons. I just feel better when I do not eat meat.

So I went for many weeks sans meat (except for tilapia and salmon once weekly). Not a bite. Not a craving. Not until Christine posted a recipe for Vodka Sauce. It had prosciutto in it. YUM. I made the recipe one week ago tonight--adding peas as the only alteration, just so the boys would eat more veggies. It was so, so good.

I do not know what happened last week, but I was REALLY craving meat. Any kind of meat.
Nick wanted to go to Red Robin for lunch Saturday. I was going to get the veggie burger and caved in and ate the Bonzai Burger (with pineapple, grilled onions and teriyaki sauce). I devoured it. Yesterday's two pasta dishes for our moms resulted in eating more meat...

I have come to the conclusion that completely cutting out the meat, for me, is not going to work.

I will continue to eat it once or twice a week and watch what I am eating in terms of where the chicken and beef actually come from and what they are fed, etc.

On my journey as a vegetarian, I have gained 3 pounds and I don't feel any better than before. I used to go for weeks without it and feel GREAT. I think it's just me not feeling great right now in general, though. once again.

So my confession--falling off the veggie wagon--and a link to a great recipe from Christine will make up today's food feature.

By the way, did I ever tell you how I met Christine?

On eBay! I was buying an enamelware bowl. The seller emailed me and said she lived right in my zipcode. Anyway, she lives 5 minutes away, has a little girl Ben's age, and has turned into a friend and coffee buddy. Small world!

I am going to try this recipe this week and let everyone know how yummy it is!


Christine said...

You're welcome! I think you'll like it! Don't feel bad about not being a full veggie at this point. You're doing a great job as it is!

Personally for me, I need meat based protein to feel good. I can/do get protein from other sources but if I go too long without I start to eat WAY too many carbs and never feel satisfied.

Parallax said...

I'm going veggie for about the third time --- after getting on and off the wagon repeatedly over the last couple of years. Don't beat yourself up, I think changing how we eat in such a fundamental way is a hard thing to do. I've had to/got to learn a whole new way to cook.

mamagiglio said...

About 2 years ago I attempted to eat as a vegan. I applaud anyone who can make that transition. I, sadly, could not. Not because I craved meat, but because of how difficult it was to eliminate ALL animal products from my diet. I too gained weight.

What I DID learn was how to eat the cleanest as I possibly can. I'm very particular about the products I buy. I try to look at the overall picture of what I/we eat. If we eat something "less than clean" on occasion, I TRY to be ok with it!

Good for you for being ok with not being a perfectly strict vegetarian!

Have a great evening,