Black and White & Read All Over

My dad was a veteran newsman, so when I was a kid he liked to tell me the corny joke, "What's black and white and read all over? The newspaper, of course!"

Today's fantastic selections are a Chic & Green twist on Indie finds with a newspaper theme. Enjoy!

Handmade cloth notebook from Susan Holland, $24

Handmade clutch & canvas tote by Elefants + Donkees, $98

Set of 25 recycled newspaper plant starter pots from Spell It Out, $10

Fun bangle from the Curls N Swirls Bakery, $10

One of a kind altered art collage card by It's Elemental, $7.50

Original altered art by Wendy Russell of Artrussell, $100

Necklace from Push Mah Buttons features clips from the Washington Post, $20

Recycled newspaper pendant from Toast and Tartans, $9

Earrings from Fanciful Devices, $18

Cuff made of newspaper by Gi and Pindo, $25


Lady P said...

these are adorable - I don't know how you are always able to find such goodies!

Karley said...

Thanks, Lady P.
It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it :)
I have so much fun looking for neat stuff--this one was really fun because there are so many places I found with creative uses for newspaper--even a $500 chair!

Sarah said...

Great items Karley! Certainly chic and green!

My grandpa worked for the newspaper when I was a kid. He used to set the print blocks long before computers were used.

Karley said...

Thanks, Sarah!

Jen said...

I love those earrings from Fanciful - so cool! Great finds.