Dad and Nick, November 2004

Today begins the first of my weekend fundraiser to benefit The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research in memory of my dad.

It is going on now!

All purchases made in my shop on 1000 Markets will count toward this event.

I will be donating 100% of my net proft (shipping and supply cost excluded) to the foundation.

Purchases made between FRIDAY 6/12 and SUNDAY 6/14 (sales through 11:59pm EDT) qualify!


milk with tea said...

Thanks for doing this fundraiser again. Like I always say, I hope that someday, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer will no longer be silent killers. I hope there will be as much awareness about pancreatic and lung cancers as breast cancer.

Karley said...

Thank you. I wish there was widespread awareness and funding for so many lesser funded diseases. There has been great attention paid to other cancers and I wish there was more awareness for all forms.

Hopefully there will be a cure someday.