Happy Birthday, Baby!

Ben, June 2008

Ben's 2nd birthday. Note the bad buzz cut!

Ben on his 1st birthday

I guess he's not really a baby anymore, but he is MY baby.

4 years ago today at 3:26am Benjamin Lou entered the world. Happy Birthday, our sweet angel!

Ben loves anything related to cowboys and horses, Thomas trains and the movie Cars. He drinks at least 2 quarts of milk daily, has worn his coveted tropical print bucket hat since age 2 (it's snug now), and carries around a tattered stuffed giraffe given to him at birth named Gertie.

He's wild and has no fear, but is just such a fun loving little boy. I have cherished our morning dates together, going to a local hangout each morning while big brother is at school. It's so hard to believe he is now 4.

I love you, little guy!


trixie said...

Ben is such a cutie Karley. He has the sweetest little face!! He might be growing up, but he will always be your little baby boy, but gosh don't tell him that!! Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!!

Lavanya said...

Happy Birthday to Ben!!! He seems like such a darling..
Hope he has a wonderful day and an even more wonderful year!! *kisses Ben on the head*

Karley said...

Thank you, ladies. He just told me yesterday that I can still call him "Little Guy"....That makes me happy!

MyTreasures /http://www.1000markets.com/users/keepsaketreasures said...

He sure is a cutey. Enjoy them they grow up so fast my first little boy is in his 30's already.