Thursday Follow Ups

I {heart} good mail days!

My first order from Jen of Jennifer Rose Designs. I thank my friend, Marc, for telling me his sister in California has an Etsy shop! Her stuff is lots of fun!

A pretty Barefoot Bling ring for a day at the beach. I beg you, rain & cold temps--just go away!

My favorite of the two toe rings. Please note: I am NOT a toe model, LOL.
Also from Amy at Barefoot Bling.


Lady P said...

you are so cute! all of your girlish wonder in a houseful of men
how great your toes do look
reminds me that my feet need a little "bling" treatment!

Karley said...

LOL. My toes need Jenny Craig, though, it looks like :)

I have to embrace my inner girly-girl in a house of Matchbox cars, Sports Illustrated, trains, and rough & tumble :)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

So cute! I love the packaging, too.