A Day at the Market: I {heart} Purple

If you've been reading C & G long enough, you know I wear black and white almost daily and add color through my jewelry (with an emphasis on purple, fuchsia, and turquoise pieces).

I'm in a purple mood this evening. All items are from 1000 Markets.


This one smells fabulous! Lavender & Manuka Honey from Southern Vermont Soap, $5

I adore these beauties from Abby Horowitz Designs, $25

Amethyst stacker rings from Kira Ferrer, $56

"Fly a Kite" Shibori top from Dye Diana Dye, $50

Purple linen clutch from Jenny N Design, $38

3D Moravian Star in purple from L.A. Glass Studio, $17

Lovely mosaic coaster set from Creasol, $49

Purple Mola Lizard from MolaMama, $38.50

Bangle set by Sharon MacLeod Jewelry, $56

The Ada earrings by My Three Jewels, $59


Lady P said...

am now in love with a purple clutch!

Lavanya said...

I love purple too..I especially like the purple earrings from Abby and the purple clutch..:)

Kristin said...

I adore those earrings by My Three Jewels. I think I will put them on my Christmas list.

Karley said...

Great idea! I have one pair from Ronnie over at My Three Jewels and another en route. The quality is fabulous!

Matthew Trifiro said...


Ronnie sent me over to look at your Purple Post and - Wow! - your blog looks stunning. It's been awhile since I've stopped by. The style is really inviting and you've got a lot of really neat activities and links in your sidebars. Great job!


Karley said...

Thank you so much, Matt!

BadCat said...

I wear tons of black and white as well, but love vibrant colors, although I don't always wear them. Love the gorgeous rich purples.

Karley said...


I was working on a black and white blog piece to post this week and came across your polka dot earrings. I had them as a featured item and then removed them so I could buy them myself, LOL.

dye diana dye said...

Karley - your blog is always so wonderful - so you can't imagine my surprise and delight to find one of my tops featured here in this glorious purple selection. I'm so honored to be here, and among such fabulous purple company. Thank you.

Karley said...


You offer amazing stuff in your shop...that's why you may see it here from time to time ;)