A Day at the Market: They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Hand gilded card from Emerlye Arts, $6.50

Jasper earrings made by Abby Horowitz Designs, $35

Cloche hat handmade by Delightworthyn, $125

What lovely stained glass windchimes from Julie DeGroot, $195

Yellow glass is the perfect accent in these earrings from The Preserve Jewelry Studio, $9

Lemon & smoke bracelet by Lumina Jewelry, $62

Vase with painted berries from claydame, $32

Mod floral wallet from Glass Beach, $48

Porcelain cocktail cups from Chrys, $18

Summer chic hair ornament from Silver Pencils, $25


Lumina Jewelry said...

Very chic, very summery!

Lady P said...

all so lemony lovely

snowflakedesign said...

I love your blog! I'm also in the Rochester area, and also on 1000 Markets.
Keep up the good work with your blog. I love the local stuff!