31 Days of Earrings: Day 1

I very rarely wear post earrings. In fact, my mother let me borrow some beautiful antique white gold and diamond posts on our wedding day--and have only worn posts once or twice since then.

I am quite drawn to these aqua glass posts from Kristin Perkins, though. I have spoken of Kristin several times before. She's extremely talented and I own some of her earrings. Her pieces are very chic, modern, and will be something in your earring wardrobe you'll reach for just as much years from now as you do now.

Kristin is also on Etsy and has her own website.


Pink Heels said...

Fun earrings! I love how this turqoise has a beautiful, yet subtle, contrast with the silver.

Lady P said...

don't know if my comment went through - better to do twice and be spared
i am also like you - the post earring has not been a favo of my ears for some time - but this design i could handle - and the color is very "cool" which is just what i need in this heatwave of ours!

Karley said...


It is a beautiful summer "cool" shade.

Thanks for reading, as always!