A Banner Day

Above is a banner I purchased from Classicly Amber on Etsy.
There are so many fantastic creations out there to adorn your home. Let's take a look at some of the banners you can find on Etsy:

Bliss banner, also from Classicly Amber, $6

Custom name garland from Fish in the Attic Studio, $21

Delicate "miracles" banner from Back Through Time, $24

Vintage sewing pattern banner is from Sassy Sadie Lee, $22

Personalized banner from Storia Home, $20

Birthday banner from Lucky Little Ladybugs, $25

Ideal for a librarian or teacher! This is from Bekah Jennings, $15

Custom doily banner from Earmark Stationery, $13

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Melita said...

those are adorable! i'm so happy you joined the tea trade. i'm sure it will be a lot of fun. if it goes over well, then i may do it again! i was reading your profile and the fact that you are a reiki master is inspiring. i have a reiki 1 class at the end of the month. i'm very excited for it.