Robin's Egg Blue

I am on a Robin's Egg blue kick right now. I am starting a painting project--the kitchen again--and will paint the walls a brilliant robin's egg shade along with crisp white on the cabinets.

I was looking at some items from talented Indie artisans and thought I'd share some favorites with you.

Little girl's dress & purse set made by Rose Ridge Creations, $25

The Camellia top from Lirola, $67

Set of tags from Sunshine and Ravioli, $4.50

Bird's nest journal from Bella Sera Designs, $8.75

Mini wall bud vase from eikcam, $19 ea.

Necklace from The Silver Dog, $23

Ornaments in nest from Jennifer Arndt, $22

Chocolate & robin's egg pillow from De De Etsy Shop, $32

Garlic keeper jar from Blue Sky Pottery, $35

Dish from The Brick Kiln, $13


Christine said...

I ADORE Robins Egg Blue! I have been trying to think of a way to get it into my home but the downstairs is way to gold for it to work!

I am thinking of painting my guest room that color or incorporating it into my 3rd floor attic/study when I finally get around to painting that (which should be in about 3 years at this point!)

Lady P said...

those colors sound so lovely for your kitchen - i am hoping that you will treat us to a little look-see when you are all through