Nick's Halloween costume is an easy one--Optimus Prime from Transformers. The costume is in every store, so it's an easy find. Our 4 year old, Benjamin, has informed us he'd like to be a ghost for Halloween with scuba diver feet and a purple cowboy hat. We'll see how this looks all thrown together...

I was looking at some ghost themed handmade items today and thought I'd share.

Aren't these precious? Set of 10 postcards from Sarah Jane. So cute!

Fancy That Cookies brings you these adorable orange chocolate dipped Madeleines (26 of them), $22

What a great set of tags (6) from Bluebird Lane, $6

From one of my favorite shops on Etsy, Funkyshique, this banner is $12

These old fashioned shakers are called "The Spooks". From Vintage Keepsake Trunk, $38 (set of 4)

This would look nice on the oak tree in the back yard!

Sign from The Homespun Raven, $19

Festive banner from riricreations, $13

Handpainted sneakers from Boy Girl Boy Girl Designs, $30


mamagiglio said...

Your little Ben is one creative fellow! I LOVE the idea of a ghost with scubba flippers and a purple cowboy hat!


I don't think anyone else will be wearing the same costume as Mr. Benjamin!

Thanks for sharing this little gem of a story,

P.S. now you have to find a purple cowboy hat....

Karley said...

LOL. Deanna, I just (like 5 minutes ago) found a glittery, bling-filled purple cowboy hat on eBay for less than $2 (plus $5 shipping)...Hopefully it'll fit!

mamagiglio said...

I didn't doubt that you would find it!


The sheer determination of a computer-literate, mom-on-a-mission will get the job done!

Now little Ben had better not change his mind about his Halloween costume! :)

Happy Haunting,

Footjeweler said...

Ditto the comment on Ben's creativity! He came up with something wicked cool. LOVE IT!

Anne-Marie said...

I am still giggling at your son's ghost costume- that's so precious!

Thanks for posting some Halloween inspiration. Great finds! I love vintage cards- so cute.

Lady P said...

ohhh these are all so good - i love this time of year