I still {heart} purple!

This weekend is paint buying weekend! I have chosen my robin's egg blue kitchen cabinet shades and have narrowed my wall colors down to 2 now in the kitchen.

Painting begins this weekend!

I also have chosen our living room colors (stripes!) and the hallway color.

The one room I wasn't planning to do was the dining room. It is a very muted lavender with French white trim. I like it. It is very cool and soothing. The dining room is pretty small and gets lots of light, so I was thinking of going darker. The room has been a creamy gold, navy blue, and sage green (not at the same time!). When we moved in, one wall had a textured wallpaper with 1970-something written all over it in invisible ink :)

I am thinking something deeper...still a purple shade. I like the fact that we have an older home because each room is very separate--I do not have to worry about making sure all rooms match. As long as there's a welcoming vibe and the walls are colors I adore, I will be happy!

What do you think about this purple?

I adore this wall color! This picture is from the The Lenoxx blog.
This could be a good choice for the dining room!

My favorite Frugal Friday Etsy Finds in PURPLE:


Footjeweler said...

Well, maybe a bit biased, because I love purple, but I really like that wall color!

trixie said...

Oh wow, I love that color purple for your walls, kinda like a flat eggplant. very relaxing to me. I look good in that color!LOL

Lavanya said...

I love that purple wall color!!

Melita said...

i love that color purple. perfect for walls.