{Peel Appeal}

Thursday, September 30, 2010

On average, I receive 3 to 4 packages a week in skin care to try for Chic & Green. In this time I've been testing facial products again since I closed my skin care business last year, I can honestly say that none have really impressed me to the point of using something and saying, "Wow. This stuff is good." None have been good enough that I would want to have another jar.....Until now.

You know I've been pretty loyal to certain products these days, but I haven't found anything perfect--I think when that perfect product or line comes along, it means you have no desire to try anything else. I will tell you more about my experience after using the products for 2+ full weeks straight, but right now I do want to tell you about one particular product that has be raving to everyone I know.

We all know the importance of proper exfoliation. You need to slough off those dead layers of skin or you'll notice the effects. If you have dead skin cells, your makeup won't apply as effortlessly, your skin may appear dry or bumpy, and you'll get flakes. Another thing is that your other skin care products will fail to be as effective because they have to break through that wall of dead skin. Exfoliation results in cell turnover. Properly exfoliated skin will give you a smoother, more youthful appearance. Your makeup will blend with ease. 

I have tried so many different peel products from Lancome to Kiehl's and many in between. Most are loaded with parabens and the ones that are paraben free still have some unhealthy ingredients. Once you get past the ingredients, some of them are highly abrasive and irritating. I've tried scrubs and peel pads. The one retail one I liked the best was an apple juice-based one from Juice Beauty. I found, though, that it was very overpriced compared to a similar DIY version I could easily whip up at home with very similar results.

The peel I am going to tell you about now, though, is unlike any other I have tried. It's from a new to me brand called L'Bri Pure & Natural. L'Bri products are all free of the nasties you hear me talking about here on the blog. What I do like is the fact that each and every single skin care product they make features aloe vera as the number one ingredient. I have spoken of the benefits of aloe on the skin for years, and to see this as the key ingredient in all of their products is refreshing.

The L'Bri Rejuvenating Facial Peel is truly revolutionary. Unlike any other peel I have used (even from "natural" companies), this doesn't feel like a peel when applied to the skin. There is a slight cooling, yet ultra soft and soothing sensation.  It is pleasant. When I first used it (I have now used it for three peels), I thought it would be ineffective because I didn't get any of that tingling I normally get. I was wrong. I admit it. I was quickly impressed when I saw dead skin coming right off.
Think of how your paper looks if you are writing with a pencil and decide to erase what you've written. You know the residue that gets left behind? This is similar. You apply a small amount of the peel to your skin and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then you use gentle, upward and circular motions. As you gently lift up, you'll notice little pieces of dead skin coming off your skin. Now, I am someone who is religious about my skin, so I can only imagine the effect this would have on someone who does not exfoliate regularly.

This is a stellar product ingredients-wise, too. As I mentioned earlier, aloe is the number one ingredient. You'll also find pineapple and green papaya, ginseng, grape seed extract, cucumber, green tea, powerhouse ingredient hyaluronic acid, and more. Do you know how I told you that a major pet peeve is when a company says on the bottle something like, "With shea butter and apricot!" only to see that those are the very last ingredients on the list? When I look at the ingredients on the peel jar, the ingredients the company promotes are actually the key ingredients right at the top of the list so you'll actually reap the benefits.

A 2 ounce jar of this peel is  $35.50. To break this down, if you use it twice a week I would estimate that this peel would last you a good four to six months. A facial at a local, popular salon is $102.50. For $35 more, you can add a simple, one time peel. I think this will last me 6 months, so this would mean that I would have high end caliber peels for $6-8 per month.

This is one of those products that you look forward to using. You see the results and your skin feels so good doing it. I want to share a very good deal with you right now from the kind folks over at L'Bri. And I mean that--I have talked to one of the owners, Brian, and he is very kind and customer service-oriented with a passion for the product.

L'Bri offers a special sampling program where you can try a huge selection of samples free. You just pay the shipping. It is $6.75. They really believe you'll enjoy their products and stand by them and right now, with that $6.75 you'll pay, they will give you a FULL SIZED PEEL just like I am telling you about. So for $6.75, you'll get the samples AND the $35.50 peel!

Click here for that special offer page.

*Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. As always, this in no way has influenced my review and I remain committed to providing you with truthful, objective reviews whether they be good or bad.


Where to find these gorgeous reds:

I just bought the fun red bag from The Bold Banana, $8
Earrings from Leslie Anna, $20
Cashmere Scroogies™ by Mia Baggali, $35
Hope top from Tees for Change, $32
Tag set from Storied, $6
Red bridal clutch from Bridal Fashion Studio, $125
Poppy lip tint from Flourish, $6
Bracelet from Sandrandan, $12
Shift dress from J. Rose Atelier, $165

$1429 vs. $200

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There are times when I can review products with ease. Sometimes it is a matter of black and white. For example, I am currently testing out a line of natural, aloe-based skin care products that may just be the best line ever of products I have used on my skin. After I test the products out a bit more, I know reviewing them will be easy for me because I genuinely am gung-ho for them. There are other times I can easily write a review because the item was so bad I knew right off the bat that I couldn't say anything positive.

One of the main things I wrestle with when I am reviewing products, though, is when I am sent something from a company and I feel conflicted. My job here is to provide you with thoughtful, honest, no holds barred feedback while remaining respectful. I need to balance candid with fair. Or at least I should. It would not be fair to you for me to rave over something I feel no real enthusiasm for. Yet, it isn't fair for a company to get a review that may perhaps be unfair.

So here we go...I was sent a heavy box of clothing yesterday. I received 4 sample pieces in my size. These are new items with the tags attached that I can wear and then return to the company. Normally I keep what I review, but due to the cost of the items, bloggers will be returning the clothing at the cost of the company. The price of the 4 items totals $1429 (plus tax, of course). If I were to order these myself, I would be spending $114.32 for sales tax alone.

If you read Chic & Green on a regular or semi-regular basis, you will know that I love high quality items, but that I am also an avid bargain hunter. Today, for example, I was tickled pink to find two great cardigans. One was from J. Crew and the other from Ann Taylor Loft. They were each marked $3.99 at the Salvation Army thrift store. It's Wednesday, so I saved an additional 50%. I bought myself two cardigans and got Ben a fleece jacket from The Children's Place all for under $7 today.

I will tell you about the pieces. First, let me say that I love pretty things. I like to wear good clothes and have a mix of lines such as White House Black Market, Lands' End, Ann Taylor Loft, and brands from Kohl's and the affordably fashionable Target. I never, ever pay full price for anything. I love thrift stores. I like to get handmade fashions on Etsy as well. I buy handmade accessories. I make my jewelry. To see that the skirt I had on earlier is $510 is just out of my element. If I won the lottery today, I would still be shopping in the same stores. I just cannot imagine paying hundreds of dollars for one sweater or skirt. Maybe that's just me, though...

I received high end fashions (the literature says for those with "discriminating budgets") from a company called Ellecante. Ellecante features natural fabrics such as wool, hemp, cotton, silk and linen and are European designs. What is a wonderful thing is that this company is GOTS certified. This is the Global Organic Textile Standard and means that they meet strict environmental guidelines and the fibers must be over 70% organic.

Honestly though folks, the bottom line is that even if I was unaware of how much these items cost, not a single one would be something I would buy. Here is why:
The sweater is a "Large". It says on their website that it accommodates a size 14-16. I hover between a 12 and 14 depending on how much baking I have been doing and the brand. The neck was very, very narrow. I think I have a normal size neck. There was hardly any give to this. The sweater didn't hang very well and was very tight in the bust. My merino sweaters from Lands' End and LL Bean are of higher quality, in my honest opinion.

The skirt could have been lovely and I thought I might like it. What I found, though, was that it is extremely heavy and adds bulk. It fit well (also a large), but is not flattering at all. If you were built with narrow hips--I am not--then this would look pretty on you. At $510--never. Plus, it was itchy and felt like it added 5 pounds in bulky weight to my body.

The other pieces could perhaps be nice if they suited your style. Honestly, these are not me at all. I was sent bordeaux in the wrap and wristet (fingerless gloves). The ruffled wrap actually doesn't look anything like it does in the picture. The ruffles aren't puffy at all like that and it looks like a little wool cape. I should not even say this, but Nick asked me last night if I bought a Little Red Riding Hood costume for myself for Halloween.

I wish I could write a glowing review of the pieces I am trying from Ellecante. I'm trying to be as positive as possible about them, but I also need to be honest with you. I don't like the pieces, plain and simple. 

Here is what I received:

Wrap (my sample is in bordeaux), $395
Sweater, $395
Skirt, $510
Wristlets, $129 (mine have calla lillies)

Would you like to have an everyday chic look inspired by the collection above? Here are my suggestions:

Wrap/scarf handmade by Tanvi at Excessary, $30
Sweater from Chicos, $69
Sweater skirt from J. Jill, $69
Arm warmers in merino wool from Etsy's Anny May, $32 

Now, personally, I would even take it down another level. Do you have a classic black sweater in your wardrobe already? At Stein Mart last week, I also saw sweater dresses and sweater skirts at a great price. How about a black sweater dress (I saw one I liked for $29) and an ornate scarf from Excessary? Affordable and oh so chic!

The bottom line--I just cannot justify spending $1429 on 4 items of clothing. It is crazy. My wedding gown didn't cost $1429! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I personally think it is down right obscene to spend this amount of money on clothes.

*Disclosure: I did not purchase the items reviewed. This in no way has influenced my review.

{the bangles}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting Tanvi Asher of Excessary for coffee and conversation at Starry Nites Cafe in the ArtWalk neighborhood of the city this morning. What a treat!

I just had to show you my new bangles from her shop:

Tanvi brought along a large glass candy jar full of her bangles and I got to pick the ones I wanted. It was a treat for the eyes! I am wearing these now and love them. I can tell they'll be favorites. 

Be sure to check out Tanvi's new shop. She was over on 1000 Markets, too, and had to relocate her inventory. 

Thanks, Tanvi, for creating such lovely things!

{mad for 60s style}

Monday, September 27, 2010

The AMC hit television show "Mad Men" has had quite an influence on fashion these days, with more and more designers adding vintage-inspired touches to their clothing and jewelry. "Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant, recently launched a line for QVC called MOD that represents clothing similar to those found on the show.

Personally, my favorite "Mad Men" actress without a doubt is Christina Hendricks (she plays "Joan"). Why do I like her? First of all, she proves that you do not have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. She has real curves and she is just stunning. She shows that you don't have to dress in a dowdy way or cover up the curves. If you have them, why not embrace them?

Let's face it, in addition to being a fabulous show, "Mad Men" is great for fashion lovers! Here are some finds Chic & Green adores to create your own "Mad Men" inspired look:

Deep blue coat from Allen Company Inc., $98
Vintage patent pumps from Tialey Vintage, $26
A stunning brooch from Red Truck Designs, $35
Brocade shift from Rust Belt Threads, $135
Hat from Undone Eclectic, $25
Black structured bag from Trottinette, $23 
Coat from Unique N Style, $145 

{it smells like fall.}

Thanks to Carol from Candles From the Keeping Room, my house is almost ready for fall. Carol's scented tarts are one of my most favorite things about heading into the colder months. I keep these tarts burning every single day with the spicy bakery blends. 
Her tarts are truly second to none. Here's my newest package from Carol:

I bought a bag of putka pods from Carol this time around.

 These fun little prim pumpkins from Carol aren't scented, but they make for a festive decoration. I put them with an old candleholder on the dining room table.

This is my favorite tart warmer. My friend Stacey from Minnesota gave this to me a couple Christmases ago. I usually burn my tarts with electric warmers, but this one sits on a shelf in my dining room.

It comes from a well known stoneware company, Red Wing Stoneware.

I have the Orange Cranberry Zucchini Bread tarts in it.
 These are awesome. Each one smells heavenly. What I love most about Carol's tarts are that you can cut them in quarters or halves and they will scent a large area. I also am able to get 2-3 burnings from each one.

 What a cute muffin wax melt! It smells just like the name--Spiced Apple Pecan--and it looks like it came from the bakery. Did I mention that it is huge and only $2.50?

 More tarts...I have been burning Sweet Cider and Pumpkins since yesterday morning. The whole house smells so nice!

I also adore this one! It comes on a stick and looks just like a small carnival caramel apple.

{giveaway winner!}

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Congratulations to Kristin C. of Webster, NY. She's the winner of the Snail's Pace notecard giveaway!

{a discussion with soleil moon frye}

Friday, September 24, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to ask actress Soleil Moon Frye some questions about a passion of hers: safe and natural products. Soleil is an organic cosmetics advocate and role model for many concerned about these issues. We may remember her as "Punky Brewster" in the mid 80s NBC sitcom, but she's grown up and is now a mom, entrepreneur, and consumer advocate. 

Soleil joined The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and organic company Weleda in New York City for an event they have going on called the Honestly Natural, Truly Beautiful Tour. These three dynamic forces have been touring the city since yesterday with their special truck to spread information, tips, and to shoot short videos about what natural beauty means to each participant. 

Tomorrow, the tour will wrap up on Manhattan's Lower East Side in front of Whole Foods on Houston Street. Join the folks from Weleda, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and Soleil Moon Frye from 10 through 4. You'll also be able to indulge in mini Weleda spa treatments! Organically grown flowers depicting what natural botanicals are found in natural skin care will also be given out.

So why the fuss? Why is is so important to watch what we put on our skin? You know my thoughts on this one. Let's see what Soleil has to say about this important issue.

C & G: I have long been a supporter of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and I applaud them for their efforts in raising awareness when it comes to product safety. I am also a supporter of the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. What has made you
interested in this cause?

Soleil: I have grown up with a love for the environment, something my mom
instilled in me years ago. My mom used to let us sleep under the stars, and taught
us the importance of our environmental surroundings. When I had kids I was
inspired to open The Little Seed. We sell Weleda products in our store, and truly
believe in the all natural ingredients. I have used Weleda on all of my kids, and
also for myself. As a mom, I am trying to find a balance, and I am always asking
questions about the products I use, and what I use with my children.

C & G:  I think that Weleda is setting a tremendous example by stepping up and
showing their support for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. It shows me that they
are more concerned about the health of their customers rather than the bottom
line. That speaks volumes to me. Your thoughts?

Soleil: I truly love Weleda. It is a company that I support. I personally use their
products and I am so happy to stand behind a company that I believe in.

C & G: You are now known as a "green" mom and even have your own line, The Little
Seed. Did becoming a mom influence your decision to also become involved with promoting natural skin care and cosmetics?

Soleil: As a mom I had so many questions and I didn’t know where to turn. My
partner and I opened up The Little Seed as a safe haven for families. We wanted to provide a place where families could come and know the products they were
using were good for their children, and for the environment. We believe that a
little ego, goes a long way and we wanted to bring safe and natural products to
the masses. If we all make small shifts in our lives, we will make a big shift in the planet.

C & G:  Weleda has long been respected as a truly natural company. They have some lovely products. One of my favorites is their Sea Buckthorn Body Oil. Do you have a favorite Weleda product you'd like to recommend?

EVERYTHING! I use all of the baby product for my children, and sometimes

even for myself. I also love Skin Food, and I love to give the Pregnancy Body Oil as gifts
to my friends

C & G:  What does natural personally mean to you?

Soleil:  To me natural means that “what goes on you, goes in you.”  I am a busy
mom, and I feel the most beautiful when I am natural and just being myself. Even
when I have my messy mom moments, I still feel beautiful because I know that I
am being authentic to myself. I know this is cliché, but natural beauty comes from
within. It is about being comfortable with yourself on good days and bad days.

Thank you so much to Soleil Moon Frye for taking the time to answer my questions! Remember, if you're in Manhattan tomorrow, you can join the tour from 10-4 on Houston Street in front of Whole Foods.

{Big Cartel}

A couple of days ago, I told you how I was completely stunned to get the announcement that the beautiful artisan site, 1000 Markets, would be closing due to being acquired by Bonzanzle (1000 Markets + Bonanzle= BONANZA).

After being on a juried site like 1000 Markets, I was saddened to see what Bonanza is. One can literally buy artisan made goods, but they're scattered in a sea of things like Coty Wild Musk, Cover Girl Clean Makeup, and assorted VHS tapes. A juried site means that you must apply, have your work reviewed by a panel, and then be accepted. That is what I really liked about 1000 Markets. That and the community. How I will miss it.

Life goes on, businesses are sold all the time, and nothing stays the same. We all must adapt. When you sell your work, it is a matter of the right fit. Etsy is the largest marketplace for handmade, but I do not consider it the right fit for me for many different reasons. I closed my Etsy facial shop in 2008 and never planned to return as a seller. I started listing items on Etsy again July 1 of this year with my jewelry as a trial experience, as many of us sensed that things were not quite right concerning the future of 1000 Markets. So I've been researching venues both new and established and have been trying to determine where "home" should be for my jewelry line when it comes to online sales.

Yesterday, I decided to open a Big Cartel shop. My domain directs you right there. I have more than 80 items to list, so this will take me a bit of time. Here's  a sneak preview of my new site. Once it is fully stocked, this will be my only online venue. Between boutique orders and my freelance writing work, I simply don't have time to manage multiple shops and enjoy life at the same time.

I would like to show you some things I found over at Big Cartel and share them with you:


Covered notebook from The Pleated Poppy

iPod case from Quiet Doing is vegan friendly

This coconut milk soap from Saponify is free of palm oil.

The "Trina" clutch from Bink & Boo is both lovely and dramatic.

Pretty pink and white baker's twine from Divine Twine

This pumpkin scrub from Nature's Edge Farm looks decadent. My friend Deanna from My Handmade Addiction loves this company!

Rochester's Tanvi of Excessary makes stunning bangles!

The Laughing Buddha Belly teapot from Patty Mara's Sacred Heart Cafe

{snail's pace giveaway ends friday}

Thursday, September 23, 2010

When we think of eco-friendly brands, we usually think of something hip and modern--typically an up and coming brand. Today I would like to talk to you about a new stationery brand with a long tradition behind it.

Snail's Pace is a brand new line of eco-friendly stationery from the monks at Abbey Press. Based in southern Indiana, the monks at Abbey Press have long followed the Benedictine tradition of kindness to the earth. The inks used at Snail's Pace are soy-based and the paper has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a leader in developing standards for sustainable forestry since its founding in 1993.

At Snail's Pace, you can find a nice selection of beautiful cards for all occasions, as well as gift wrapping supplies, journals, scrapbook pages, and more. Here are some of our favorites:

I adore this notebook from Snail's Pace.

Ladybug gift wrap

Birthday card...a plus-you can select your envelope color when ordering

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Snail's Pace website this week, the company is giving away a floral note card set (10 note cards) to one lucky Chic & Green reader! 

There are three ways to enter this giveaway drawing. Do one or all three. If you do all three, you will be entered three times!

1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Become a blog follower if you are not yet one.
3. Become a Facebook Fan of Chic & Green.

Be sure to tell your friends about the giveaway!
You can enter until Friday, September 24th at 9pm. A winner will be announced September 25th. Paid advertisers and immediate family members of Chic & Green are not eligible to win. US entrants only, please.

To find out more about Snail's Pace, please check out their website and Facebook page.

{skin care talk}

I am always looking for quality skin care. When I find something I like or am thinking of trying, you know I have to share the details with you.

My skin changes along with the seasons. Something that may have worked well for me in warm, humid weather may not work as well when it gets cooler and dry. Sometimes--and I think you all have experience this as well--products just seem to not work as well after long term use. This is not always the case, but at times it certainly feels that way.

So I am here to tell you after 3+ good months of use to tell you about some of my favorite products at the moment.

I would like to tell you my thoughts on Burt's Bees Naturally Ageless Line Smoothing Eye Creme:

I love, love, love this product.
If you are at all sensitive to scents, this one you may want to bypass. It has a very subtle floral aroma. I wish Burt's would eliminate any type of unnecessary fragrance, but I am thankful that this recipe doesn't bother me at all. In fact, the fragrance issue is pretty much my one and only pet peeve about Burt's Bees. I do not understand why they continue to put fragrance in everything.

This is a light, semi-cooling eye cream. I can feel it soothe the under eye area. It absorbs right in without leaving a greasy residue, yet it really moisturizes. It contains natural ingredients such as horse chestnut, sunflower oil, olive oil, magnolia bark, pomegranate, evening primrose oil, and more. I really like this one, especially at night.
I really feel that this cream is perfect at night because of the line filling and hydration aspects. While I love this for night time wear, I do use the Radiance Eye Cream, also by Burt's Bees, in the morning. This one has mica which helps reduce the look of shadows and circles--and the Radiance eye cream works so well under makeup.
This one, though, is perfect at night. At night, I use the Naturally Ageless Serum, this eye cream, and the Beeswax Night Creme. It is just what my skin loves!
Here are my thoughts on the Naturally Ageless Serum
This product really exceed my expectations.
It is all-natural and just makes my skin feel like silk. You'll find rosehip seed and jojoba as the first two ingredients, followed by so many other wonderful nutrients for the skin. There is antioxidant green tea, calendula, wheat germ oil, and an ingredient I love for skin care--Bulgarian rose oil. This is just lovely. You only need one small drop and it just feels so wonderful. When I am more oily, I use this alone at night rather than following with a cream. Otherwise, I do use this followed by the Beeswax Night Creme.
The serum retails for $25 and can be found for less with coupons of via eBay.
Speaking of the night cream, here is what I'd like to tell you about Beeswax Night Creme:
Even though it is called a night "cream", it is not your typical cream. I would consider this to be a lightweight balm. I had never thought to try this. I like beeswax in skin care, but it can be a bit too much at times. I started using this in June. Even though many of our summer days were hot and humid and my skin was more oily than dry, I decided to try it because of some reviews on the Burt's Bees site. I saw such stellar reviews that I knew I had to order it.
I am really happy that I tried this. Even though the glass jar is small--one ounce--this little gem lasts quite a bit longer than a typical 1.7 ounce cream. It is very concentrated. I apply a pea-sized amount to my index finger and soften with my other index finger. I then very gently apply it to my skin, gliding gently outward & upward. I use it on my cheeks, nose, chin and neck. I have been using this faithfully over my serum (Naturally Ageless from Burt's) and I am really quite impressed.
I have had my jar for 3 months and have half left. This is a bargain! It retails for $15, but you can find it for less.
In a time where we are constantly told by the makers of high end skin care that we need to buy the latest product with the latest "it" ingredients to stay looking good, I really and truly believe in treating our skin with love and proper ingredients. If we cut back on the fillers and the toxins, our skin will reflect the healthier choices, just as it does when we eat well.
My skin is drier now and this works well. In the summer, though, My skin is not oily,  it would have been considered combination. Using this did not break me out at all. In the sticky heat and humidity, it just made my skin feel soft and loved. It has the same effect now. It really is a simple cream, but it is beautiful and effective, nonetheless.

I have been using Burt's Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser for many months now and reviewed it here. I found that twice a day was a bit much with the natuiral fruit acids in it, so I use Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soap in Carrot and Goat's Milk in the morning. At night, I double cleanse. First I use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup and then I use the Burt's Bees Cleanser.

I am finishing my Avon Ultimate Age Repair Day Cream SPF 25. While I have liked it, I am not 100% in love with the ingredients. Even though it is paraben free, I do not feel comfortable using it for years and years. I am also nearing the end of my bottle of Thayer's Alcohol Free Rosewater Witch Hazel, which I use for my toner. 

I placed an order with Angela at Solstice Scents hoping her handmade creations will be able to replace those two items. I ordered her Rosemilk Day Cream (just $7.50) and her Botanical Toner for Dry/Normal/Mature Skin ($7.99). I am looking forward to trying both and returning soon to review them!

*I did not receive compensation of any kind for my review. I am in no way affiliated with the brands listed above and all products mentioned were purchased by me.

{coffee exchange}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am a coffee addict. If you see me in the morning and I'm smiling, it's because I am awake and have had my morning cup of wonderful. If I'm still a little groggy, you know I haven't had it yet. It can be a regular cup of coffee. Maybe it's a double espresso...or an iced latte. I am not picky. I just need my coffee.

I am pleased to announce the first annual Chic & Green Coffee Exchange. I've been involved in a wonderful tea exchange on Melita's blog and am taking part again this year. A fabulous group gets together and each person sends some tea to someone else from the internet. Last year, I was sent a delightful package from England.

Here's how it will work:

  • Each participant will send a package containing a minimum of 10 to 12 total ounces of  coffee. It must be unopened and sealed. Perhaps it's a fall blend from your local coffee roaster. Maybe it's something from a local gift shop. It can be one package of beans or ground...it can be gourmet mini packs. You decide. 
  • Names will be drawn round robin style. I will notify participants via email regarding who their trade partner will be.

  • Open to US participants only at this time.

  • You can sign up between now and September 30 by emailing me at kzmFACE [at] gmail.com with "Coffee trade" in the subject line.

  • Packages need to be sent to trade partners by October 15.

{robin's egg blue}

Soap dish from Sunday Treasures

Hair pin set, Loubird Handmade

Earrings from My Cellar Door

Don't you just love this necklace from Wickedly Good?

What an adorable plush dog from Friends of Socktopus

Robin's nest from The Shabby Chic Cottage

Such a sweet baby gift from S. Gardner!

Dress from Lirola


Tiered stand from Orange and Blossom
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