Etsy Love: Blanket of Snow

It's been snowing again. Considering we live in Upstate New York, that is not a shocker. I am looking at a blanket of white and thought I'd share some fabulous whites from Etsy this morning.

Enjoy these handmade finds!

Snow Day Body Scrub from Dress Green, $4.50
Aloe Regenerating Soap from Italy's Sofia Art, $6
Shea Whipped Body Butter from Elegant Rose Boutique, $5
Porcelain Egg and Soy Votives from Revisions, $14.95

Organic bamboo top made by Isla New York, $95
Cotton tunic from Lavender Tribe, $28
Shrug from Alice Couture, $57
Bamboo wrap skirt from Ureshii, $76


Laura said...

It's snowing here too! We've had at least six inches since 4am, which is quite a big deal for us, athough it's probably nothing for y'all. :)

Karley said...

Hello to my wonderful sister-in-law! No, 6" isn't much for us, but for you it is! No school for Jeff?

I am sipping that tea you gave me right now. It is so, so good!