Monday Morning Musings

I promised you a picture of my new bag by Just Be! I {heart} their bags...

Here's the new bag:

I also wanted to let you know that the Silk Naturals order I placed Thursday afternoon arrived Saturday. That is lightning fast! Speaking of Silk Naturals, reader Lavanya is the winner of Friday night's giveaway. She will be sent an assortment of lippies and eye shadows.

Look for a post from me later this week with a full review and pictures of my loot from Silk Naturals. I'm playing catch up trying to photograph all of the new jewelry to my website, so some of these longer blog posts might take me a couple days to get done.

I also just placed an order for a new eye cream today! I think I am forever on the hunt for that BEST one ever...and I decided to try 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. It is $19 for a 1 ounce container--that's double the typical amount in an eye cream. I love the ingredients label on this one.

Also this week--I have a review coming up of Femme Science products. I was sent several items including a skin care product that is supposed to make you look younger and have aphrodisiac properties. Find out my take on this one soon!

I also have to tell you that my skin feels like it's been needing my old favorite facial cleanser again--Aunt Nancy's Rose Clay Facial Bar. It's a perennial favorite of mine. I get so caught up trying new things for the blog that I sometimes forget what my skin loved the most....and for me, that is my good old pink bar of skin loving goodness. I am realizing more and more than my skin is becoming extra sensitive to fragrance--even from essential oils sometimes. I am eager get back to this!

That's all from me this morning. I'll be back with more this evening or tomorrow. Have a beautiful day!


Aunt Nancy said...

Thank you, Karley! I was very happy to see your order come in. :) I'll be able to get it out in tomorrow morning's mail pick up. Maybe it will beat the snow heading your way ... I'll try to pack some Tucson sunshine in with the soap.

And congrats to Lavanya for winning your Silk Naturals giveaway!


Lavanya said...

ooh- how fun! I won!

the bag is very sweet!
I can't wait for the review of the eye cream- I have been using the radiance eye cream from BB on your rec..:)

Lavanya said...

Oh- I'm with you on Nan's rose clay soap- one of my faves for the face!

Sleepy O'Sleepy said...

Please let us know what you think of the coffee eye cream! I've never been able to thicken up the skin under one of my eyes--I think that's why the capillaries show through, making me look like I have purple/red eye bag :(

Deanna said...


You'll love the eye cream!!!

I bought one about 3 years ago. I recently won on 100% Pure's FB page (twice in a month). I scored 2sample size tubes of eye cream (along with brighten scrub+mask and red wine resveratrol nourishing cream). I'm still on my first tube of eye cream. You'll absolutely love the scent! Smells just like coffee laced with vanilla...

Over the weekend they offered free shipping. Unfortunately I placed my order for their mascara on Friday so I missed out on the free shipping deal :(

Deanna said...

Sleepy O' Sleepy,
This may be a shot in the dark but I mention it because my sister-in-law suffers from dark under eye area too.

Do you have allergies? Her doctor told her that's why her undereye area is dark. He didn't offer any remedies for it though...unfortunately.

Karley, the caffeine in the eye cream is supposed to help with circulation, correct?

I'm not sure if it will help with the circles but it IS a very moisturizing eye cream. I look forward to hearing what you think Karley!!!

Best of luck,

Maggie said...

Wow, I could really use a good eye cream. But, I don't need a de-bagger which I guess is what the caffeine is for (constricting the blood vessels and promoting anti inflammation?)
I have dark eye circles and have heard the whole allergy link before, however, I have yet to find an allergist willing to test me to help me get rid of them... sigh.

Karley said...

The caffeine is also in this for circles. My eyes aren't puffy, but the caffeine is good for not just being anti-inflammatory, but at boosting circulation under the eyes and brightening.

Just be...... said...

I'll get my questions answered for you tomorrow, always on the look out for good eyecream, right now Maybelline age rewind is my favorite concealer.