Taking a Day Off

I need a day away from the computer, but I will be back tomorrow!

I have so much going on right now -- lots of new pieces to photograph for my jewelry shop, the grand opening (and lots of photos to take) of Loubird's Nest on Friday, plus my living room painting project. I have to move this desk, so I'll be unplugging all of my computer stuff for a few hours.

I also wanted to show you how the TV tray table painting is going. I saw this idea on a lovely blog called Pickles and Cheese. I opted for a matte finish black and stenciled Martha Stewart's Aegean Blue on top. I did two this way:

I'd also like to wish my beautiful niece, Matilda, a very Happy 6th Birthday today!
I'll be back tomorrow!


Sarah said...

I really love this t.v. tray. I have a chandelier stencil and may have to steal your idea! (And Pickles and Cheese)

Karley said...

We were given a set of 4 tv trays years ago. They're useful, but ugly.

When I saw the painted/stenciled ones on the P & C blog, I have to try to spruce ours up. They are normally stored in the garage, but I thought I'd see what some paint could do :)

asoftblackstar said...

Wow. That's a fantastic idea. I have one of those trays and you're right, they are quite ugly. I'll have to take your idea and run with it. Thanks!