Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

Monday, March 25, 2013

Color shown is #340 Flower Power

As you know, I love having my nails painted as much as I love to wear lipgloss and earrings. I feel naked without color on my nails.

I am taking a little break from gel polish right now, especially since I have been busy with painting projects (again!) and other home improvement projects (new kitchen floor in the next week or two when I get the motivation).  I'm getting gels again before our summer vacation, but for now, I am taking a little break.

While strolling down the aisles of Wegmans the other night, I passed through cosmetics and these nail decals from Sally Hansen jumped right out at me with a loud "Buy me for spring!"

I thought "Why not?" and added them to my cart.

I put them & the picture above is from about 10 minutes ago.

This was my second time using something like this.  In December, I tried Jamberry Nails, which is a similar concept, although the JN are not stickers.  Click here for my Jamberry Nails review. Since then, I have been sporting Jamberry Nails every few manicures. I love them, but change it up because I never can stick to one design for too long!

The Sally Hansen product gives you 16 nail sticks (8 in each individually wrapped package). It says it is for one manicure. Now take note--unless your nails are LONG, only open one of the packages. You will only need 1. Leave the other one sealed so you can use it another time. IF YOU OPEN THE OTHER PACKAGE, you are out of luck. They dry out QUICKLY upon opening and you will end up wasting the rest. There needs to be a better way, Sally Hansen!!!

I cut each of the nail strips since there was enough length for two finger nails on each strip. I thought the nail stickers were not that sticky and were a bit firm to work with following the package insert.  On their own, they LOOK LIKE STICKERS and nothing more. They look like they are just kind of sitting there. What I did was use the method I did for Jamberry Nails--warming the strips with my hair dryer, applying, trimming, and then setting with the blow dryer again. This made them go on much better and become more flexible.

This method worked really well and it took all of ten minutes for me to do both hands.

At Wegmans without any coupons, the little kit was $8.99 (it comes with mini orange wood stick to push back cuticles and multitasking little emery board/buffer). So it equals $4.50 per manicure if you can use each kit twice.

Considering this is supposed to last up to 10 days -- I will follow up with results on this one -- it is a cute looking manicure for $4.50.

Have you tried these before?  What were your impressions?

UPDATE: These nail stickers lasted me 2 days before chipping. The designs flaked off like polish specks :(

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