5 Easy Tricks to Keeping Your Beauty Products Organized

Friday, November 15, 2013

Guest Post from a local business to share today, written especially for C & G readers

by Kirsten Jackson

It’s always fun to get that next nail polish color or that new eye shadow that you’ve been coveting; it’s like getting a new toy! But what do you do when you have a collection that’s growing out of control? How do you keep everything organized? Here a few tips to keep your beauty products in control.

  1. A Nail Caddy

I highly recommend getting an organizational caddy to keep all of your nail polishes and tools, like clippers and files, together in one convenient spot. Unlike a bathroom drawer, it’s portable, which is great if you’re like me and love painting your nails while relaxing and watching your favorite movie. It’s a definite upgrade from using a big zip lock gallon bag because the bottles aren’t shifting around and crashing into each other.  Caddies come in many different sizes, with some containing 3-4 compartments you are sure to find one that suits your needs. You don’t want to crowd your nail polishes and have them overflowing but you also don’t want them rolling around in the bottom of an oversized container.

  1. Index Card Box

For you ladies who love your Jamberry nail wraps, a large index card holder is the perfect size to organize your sheets of nail wraps. Instead of storing them with your nail polishes, where they might get crushed or leaked on, an index card box is perfect for protecting your newest nail wraps as well as your leftovers. Most boxes include a few dividers as well so you could divide your nail wraps by season or style.

  1. Cup, Can or Jar

One creative way to organize your make-up brushes is in a DIY decorated mason jar or tin can. It’s a cute and completely customizable way to create storage space for your brushes. You can match the look of your container perfectly to that of your bathroom or match it to your taste. This makes your brushes quick and easy to access during a hectic morning and you won’t be scrounging around in the back of the drawer trying to find that one brush.
  1. Hang it Up

If your bathroom is a little short on drawer or cabinet space you might try using the back of your bathroom door. Hanging Jewelry organizers are a perfect way to organize your make-up. First there are many pockets of different sizes and second the pockets are clear! No more rooting around in your make-up bag because this allows you to see every product accessibly. Make your make-up storage portable, travel size jewelry organizers are a convenient way to carry your make-up when you are traveling for vacation or business.

  1. Rotation Routine

One way to keep all of your products organized is make sure you regularly check and chuck products. Take the time to go through your nail polish collection. Are there some nail polishes that are past their prime? Chuck ‘em. Are there some nail polishes that are sealed shut and you’ve tried everything? Chuck ‘em. Same goes for make-up. We all know that old make-up is unhealthy. It builds up bacteria that can clog pores and cause break outs or even eye infections. If you have a powder or eye shadow that’s been around for a while and gotten pretty grody, chuck it. Space is precious and you don’t need useless products lying around taking up that space.

These tips are brought to you by the gorgeous garage a garage storage and organization company that operates in the Rochester, NY area. For more tips on organization visit our corporate blog.  

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