Eat, Drink & Jamberry!

Friday, November 29, 2013


Shop today only for the above designs at Jamberry! They are ONLY available today and cannot be purchased in our catalog. I am in love with the designs, especially Icy Polka and Winter Morning! Best of all, if you have at least one Black Friday nail wrap in your cart, all of your other wraps will ship free! So get exclusive designs AND free shipping? Jamberry Nails make great stocking stuffers, too!


For Cyber Monday, give yourself something you will truly reap the rewards from--being your own boss.

I have been with Jamberry Nails for just over 3 months. In this time, I have built a team (there are 11 of us) and have been promoted 4 times. I have experienced first hand how hard work , passion for the product, and determination pay off.

When I say hard work, I should clarify that is TRULY is having fun with people. When I say product passion, that just means that I wear the products because I love them and just happen to get lots of compliments on them! And when I say "determination" it is because I am determined to send our son to a fabulous private school with lots of help from my Jamberry earnings.

What is your goal? To quit that job you hate with a boss who doesn't respect? To go on a trip around the world?

Our Cyber Monday special is incredible. If you have ever even just THOUGHT of joining Jamberry, why not invest in yourself? Join for just $85!


So excited for our event at Tanvi's boutique on Park Avenue just one week from today! Come join us!
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