My New Favorite Necklace!

I have told you about Color by Amber before. This is a fabulous line of artisan-crafted jewelry made of 100% eco resin. 

I wear jewelry each day-- earrings, a necklace, and bracelets layered on my left arm. I was so excited to wear my new necklace from Color By Amber--which just so happens to be my favorite necklace: the Circle Cascade Necklace in Sapphire ($44.95). I love the rich blue hue! It makes a bold statement and will jazz up anything that you find to be too plain or simple. I just love it! I think I may have to buy the red one too!

I have admired Color by Amber's commitment to sustainability and the empowerment of women since I was introduced to the company last year.

In fact, much of their collection uses materials purchased from women in Nepal, Senegal, and more--women from all over the world. This creates business opportunities for women, providing them with jobs, health care, educational opportunities, and more.

Click here for a great video about these women called Full Circle.

I have some other beautiful new pieces from Color by Amber to show you, too-- arm candy! I will share pictures of those in the next couple days. I really love what this company has to offer -- fun, colorful, eco-friendly jewelry at competitive prices.

To connect online with Color by Amber:


*I received my jewelry for possible review at no cost. This in no way has influenced the outcome of my review.


Laura Z said...

That looks so pretty on you! You might like these Mom and Tot necklaces a dear friend of mine makes. :)

Karley said...

Thank you, Laura! I will check out her shop!

Verna Ford said...

and have my own one. Keep us updated! Thanks for sharing that, Karley . Stay pretty!
Wow! That necklace is so fashionable. It seems to be suitable to any kind of dress you will wear. I’m excited to see it in different colors. I want to have one my own. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Karley! Stay gorgeous!

Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers