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Monday, May 5, 2014
What's so special about Jamberry?

Truthfully, joining has been life-changing.

When I signed up on a whim to become a Jamberry Nails consultant, I planned to be a casual seller--to just get a discount and maybe have a bit of commission along the way. I already was a fan of the products, having first tried them in 2012 for blog review and then again late last spring, also for this blog.

Now, a little more than 8 months later, I have earned my 6th promotion and am a Jamberry Team Manager with a growing consultant group of 39 women across 11 states. We work as a team, supporting & inspiring each other and it is our goal to conduct our businesses with integrity and passion.

In addition to forming lifelong friendships, my Jamberry business is affording our family the opportunity to send Nick to private school in September. Why is this so important to us? This is his story. I am so thankful for Jamberry!

Some of my consultants I have met through this blog. In fact, one of my readers from Missouri joined my team in March. I would love to share this opportunity with you. Some ladies on my team are doing this just for the social aspect. Others are saving for Disney. Some are paying off their cars early, making extra mortgage payments or are using their earnings for summer camps.

If you are curious, we have a 24 hours guest pass. You can see first hand how my team operates--get to know the other ladies, ask questions, and then determine if becoming a Jamberry consultant is right for you.

If you'd like a guest pass, email me here.

Oh, and just look at the May Sister's Style Exclusive. I LOVE this one--

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