Why Jamberry is the best nail polish ever

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Yes, I may be partial. I am a Jamberry Independent Team Manager. But if you've been reading this blog these last seven years, you will know that I *do not ever* recommend a product I don't love. I don't.

When I used to work for Estee Lauder back in my 20's, I refused to recommend Splash Away cleanser because I thought it was terrible. I just couldn't bring myself to tell people they needed it. Instead, I would refer them to my friend Diana over at Lancome to get the Clarifiance. Right or wrong, I just couldn't promote something I knew was not any good. It's always been that way.

So when I tell you that Jamberry Nail Lacquer is special, know that I am speaking from my heart.

I have tried so many brands of 5 free nail polish over the years. I have used "healthy" water-based polishes and expensive French brands sold in department stores. When Jamberry launched their lacquer in the fall, I admit that I was skeptical.

I joined Jamberry because I adore the nail wraps. They are so much fun and I love the nearly 400 designs offered. After trying the Professional Nail Lacquer, though, I can tell you that it far surpasses the quality of Chanel and salon brands I have used.

There is virtually no odor. The brush doesn't shed. It is opaque and applies beautifully. There are so many stunning colors.

You know I go a bit crazy painting the walls in my house. I like to use a high quality paint and will splurge on brushes because it makes the job easier and the results look much better. Think of this nail lacquer as that special, high quality paint at the home improvement stores that you'll pay a bit more for, but that will deliver much better results. THAT is how this lacquer is.

There has been so much good press for the product lately, that it's be silly for me not to share.

You will find my favorite Jamberry lacquer, Hint of Mint, in the July issue of InStyle.

A few weeks back, Self magazine chose Jamberry as the best nail polish in their annual Healthy Beauty Awards.

Before that, but also this spring, Health magazine recommended our glittery top coat!

Get yours on my website today. If you order, email me at karleyjams [at] gmail.com to let me know you're a C & G reader and I will give you a special gift as a thank you for being a reader and customer.