Handmade bracelets you will LOVE!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

I love bracelets. LOVE them. I wear a stack of at least ten Alex and Ani bangles daily and sometimes through in other coordinating pieces too.

My friend and local talent, Sheryn Kelderhouse of The Happy Life, is making bracelets and I just had to put one on my arm! In her online shop, you will find an array of bracelets with different mantras on them. Examples include "Walk your talk", "March to the beat of your own drum," and more.

She also offers customization. As you can see, my bracelet has my children's names on it. Although not shown in the picture, their birthstones dangle from the left.

Please do check out her shop! I know that I am going to get some more of these to give away as prizes to women on my Jamberry team!

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