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Friday, July 31, 2015

I have been a loyal (seed) fan for years. I have fallen in love with everything from their Healthy Hand Cream to Body Oil to Therapeutic Hand Scrub. When their Lip Oils launched last summer, I was thrilled to ditch the waxy lip balms I had been using for the super light, yet nourishing Lip Oils. I have both the Therapeutic (Peppermint) and the Smoothing (Vanilla).

There is a new lip oil in the collection and it just launched-- the Soothing Lip Oil. This oil is, like all (seed) products, plant-based. In fact, it is 100% plant-based, free of dairy, gluten, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates soy, etc. It is also cruelty-free and vegan.

The new oil is completely fragrance and flavor free.

I had a chance to try this before it was launched and I love it! It contains moisturizing shea oil and provides lips with a truly silky, supple feel without greasiness.

Oh, and did I mention the other ingredients? This isn't your typical ho-hum lip care product. At just $5 for a generous sized glass roller ball container, you might be surprised to know that this gem is packed with amazing skincare ingredients!

  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Shea Oil
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Raspberry Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E
I absolutely love this product, I apply it twice a day -- morning and night. I do not feel the need to reapply throughout the day, as it is chock full of pampering ingredients for the lips. Have you tried (seed) Lip Oil yet? The new one is divine! If I were you, though, I'd get their brand new Lip Oil Collection! You get all three lip oils for only $12.95.

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3 Fast Fixes for Wrinkles

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Are you considering making an appointment for Botox or other injectable fillers?  Ladies, before you do, let’s talk about other options.  The cosmetics industry has come far over the years, giving us some really fabulous temporary line and wrinkle fillers. While the visible results are not as long lasting, they are affordable and effective temporary alternatives.

So before you take drastic steps, spackle on a bit of filler. No, it’s not a permanent fix, but it will last throughout the day!

Here are the 3 best temporary wrinkle fillers:

Why I love it: Frownies are unlike other wrinkle fillers.  While others are topical skin care products, Frownies stick to your skin while you are sleeping. Naturally sourced kraft paper and a gentle gum adhesive allow the product to stick to your skin.  They essentially keep your frown lines and eye expression lines from moving, much like Botox does. I was skeptical before I tried them, but they really do provide a temporary line filling effect.  When used the night before a big event, I wake up with any lines smoothed and greatly reduced. These travel very well and can fit right in your bag if you are on vacation.

Why it works: We know that Botox works to paralyze the muscles from moving. Frownies work to prevent -- almost train -- the muscles from moving. While it is not an effect as dramatic as Botox or as long lasting, this product does smooth those expression lines and provides temporary results.

Is this one for you? This is a great concept for people who want to use a wrinkle filler without adding another skin care product to their daily routine. It works well for those who have a big event and want to look more youthful without the pain or commitment of Botox injections.

Why I love it: This does what it says it will do. If you are bothered by lines around the eye and mouth area and would like something to plump up the skin and diffuse the lines quickly, this is a great choice. When you apply it, skin feels tight and firm. A little goes a long way. I find this one to be more effective when it is only used on occasion, because the effect is more dramatic. I like this one if I have a special event to attend and need to see results quickly, even though they are quite temporary.

Why it works: This is a classic filler formula, as it is made with gentle film formers and silicones. Nylon helps to instantly tighten and fill in lines. These are basic ingredients, but they smooth the skin and help give a temporary firmness to the skin.

Is this one for you?  If you have a deeper line or wrinkle you are bothered by and would like to fill it in before you have pictures taken or have an important meeting, this one will be helpful. It can be used by all ages, but is more suited to those with oily skin.

Why I love it: I adore the fact that this product is free of silicones. Silicones are NOT dangerous or harmful to your health, but over time, they may make you look older. You dab it on and see a sublte, immediate effect.

Why it works: Two types of Hyaluronic Acid plump skin and Polymethyl Methacrylate, a benign resin immediately creates that "filled" effect.

Is this one for you? If you are sensitive to silicones or are on the dry side, I recommend this one to help see a temporarily plump, filled in appearance.

Looking for a longer-lasting fix?

Why I love it: If I had to choose only one temporary filler, this would be my favorite. This filler gives gradual, but more lasting results. I am NOT a patient person, but this one deliversreal results. Skin looks firmer and lines are smoothed over. It does so without dryness or flaking off.  What I like most is the fact that the Exuviance filler contains potent anti-aging ingredients, so the appearance of fine lines actually does improve over time.

Why it works: Exuviance is the best luxury dermatologist-developed skincare brand on the market. I have tried Perricone, Peter Thomas Roth, Murad, Dr. Dennis Gross and more, but Exuviance is top-notch. I am NOT affiliated--just a former happy freelancer! This uses Matrixyl, the patented Citrafill, and also includes NeoGlucosamine.

Is this one for you? If you are not on a budget and want a product to deliver long-lasting results which improve over time, head over to Ulta and grab yourself some Exuviance! Go to the Webster store and ask for Nina to help you out.
If you just have a couple of bothersome fine lines you’re trying to hide, temporary wrinkle fillers can be an effective alternative to injectable fillers.  Just remember that these are, indeed, temporary.  Once you stop using them, the lines will return to their annoying visible form.

Spotlight on Manuka Honey

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We'e talked about Manuka Honey on the blog here before over the years, but I have never really shared my favorite products containing the ingredient with you.

Manuka honey is not your average honey sold in the squeeze bottles at the grocery store. This unique honey actually comes from bees who feed on the tea tree plant. Manuka honey has been shown to boost collagen levels in the skin, neutralize free radicals, stimulate circulation, and increase skin elasticity. Think of it as the anti-aging honey for your skin. 

Like other honey varieties, Manuka honey is antibacterial. While the traditional clover honey you can readily buy at the grocery store has very limited antibacterial abilities, research shows us that Manuka is both antibacterial and antibiotic (please do not think that means you can have a spoon of it to replace a trip to the doc for antibiotics for illness).

Manuka honey contains an abundance of a compound called methylglyoxal  (MG). The amount of MG in this honey makes it truly beneficial. Look for products with the label "Active Manuka Honey" or pharmaceutical grade for the best quality. 

I have several products with Manuka Honey I have tried & tested and can wholeheartedly recommend. 

The Beauty Blogger's Manuka Honey Favorites

Perfectly Posh Honey Dip Chunk is my *MOST FAVORITE* bar of soap on earth. I am so happy I found it. It has a rich and sweet creamy honey aroma (phthalate-free fragrance) and is fortified with Green Tea,  The chunk bar is HUGE, weighing it at 7 ounces.  This indulgent bar is triple-milled and the honey (from New Zealand)  has been certified for pharmaceutical use. Best. Honey. Soap. Ever.

Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Manuka Nourishing Body Lotion is my most favorite honey lotion. It is lightweight and non-greasy and sinks right into the skin, drenching it in moisture all day long. This lotion from Dermstore also contains luxurious royal jelly.

Ardency Inn Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments  are really lovely! These shadows are as smooth as satin and are formulated with Manuka honey. It makes for an ultra creamy -- but not cakey -- shadow. Find them at Sephora.

Ultra sensitive skintypes will adore the Miracle Skin Transformer Skin Soothing Creamy Oil. It contains both licorice root and Manuka honey, making this THE PERFECT product for dry skin Rosacea sufferers.

Toxic Trend: Skin Lightening

Monday, July 6, 2015

Skin whitening has been going on in Asia for centuries, tracing its days back to ancient Japan and China. To many cultures, having a porcelain, milky complexion represents beauty and nobility.  Historically, the story was that the poor women who had to work in the fields and were exposed to the sun had darker skin, while wealthy women were able to stay indoors, keeping their skin pale.
Women in this part of the world often feel immense pressure to have pale skin.  For example, surveys show that more than 75% of men in Malaysia equate pale skin with beauty.
The quest to achieve white skin has a long history and continues today, even though research shows us that the ingredients used in skin whitening are dangerous–even deadly. In fact, according to Global Industry Analysts, the skin whitening industry may be a $76 million a year industry by the end of 2015.
Ironically, in the United States, women with a glowing tan are often viewed as more beautiful or more healthy.  We know that this extreme is dangerous as well because tanning caused by UV exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer and premature aging.  The opposite is the case for many women in Southeast Asia who are literally dying to have milky white skin. 
 From using products with toxic ingredients to actually putting household bleach on the skin, many women are truly desperate to achieve this beauty ideal. I first became aware of this "trend" 15 years ago. I remember it clearly, as I was doing the makeup of a beautiful bride on a chilly May day. We had done a practice run weeks before and I found it peculiar that she was unhappy with her flawless, slightly olive skin. She kept telling me, "I want your color skin." I was uber pale. Porcelain, to be more accurate. She said that she would be beautiful if she had white skin.
A typical skincare cream cannot lighten or whiten the skin. There are specific ingredients in these products which are potent enough to be able to alter the melanin in the skin. The products are called “skin bleaching” creams with good reason: the ingredients are strong enough and harmful enough to alter the color of your skin.
Hydroquinone is one popular ingredient used in skin whitening creams. It is now under great scrutiny by the FDA and is banned in the European Union, Japan, and Australia amid concerns that it may cause cancer.
Mercury has also been found in multiple skin whitening products.  Over the past two years, creams around the world have been tested, revealing high levels of mercury.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “the main adverse effect of the inorganic mercury contained in skin lightening soaps and creams is kidney damage.”  In addition to kidney damage, mercury can cause psychological issues, damage to the nervous system, and even death.
Glutathione is now being used intravenously to whiten the skin.  While this ingredient is often used in nutritional supplements to help with metabolism, there have been many warnings about Glutathione being injected into the bloodstream.  The FDA has warned that glutathione used to whiten the skin can cause severe abdominal pain, kidney damage, and thyroid damage.
These are not the only ingredients used to whiten the skin.  Heavy dosages far above the recommended level of Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid are commonly used and are linked to cancer.  Steroids are used by women in their quest to achieve what their culture deems the sign of real beauty, causing a whole host of side effects.
Until women begin to accept — and love — the skin they were born with, the epidemic of skin whitening will continue.  Changing a society’s perception of beauty and educating a population on the risks also are needed to bring about real change.
Skin whitening may be an age old tradition, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t deadly.
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