Chic & Green's Holiday Gift Guide: Bath & Body Edition

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gifts that Lather

I love handmade soap -- real, honest to goodness cold process soap with natural butters and oils. I have tried hundreds of bars over the years and have tried and true brands. If I could only pick one it would be Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps on Etsy. Nancy Goodwin from Tucson makes the best darn palm oil free soaps on earth and I have used them for nearly a decade.

While you can't go wrong with ANY of Nan's soaps, I have two favorites. They include the Rose Clay Facial Bar and the Creamy Peppermint with Chocolate Swirl Goat's Milk bar.

Last December, I met Suds by Sasha at the Culver Road Armory while doing an event with my Karley Mott Jewelry. This indie body care brand makes stellar bar soaps and lip balms. I especially love her Oatmeal Orange bar, which is in my current soap rotation as we speak. Rochester friends, Suds by Sasha will beat Mini Mayday this Sunday at the German House!

Scrubalicious Gifts

I am a HUGE scrub fan. There are so many different types of body scrubs by fabulous makers and I have four favorites to share.

The first is one I have used the longest. In fact, I just received a scrub (in a new foaming formula) today from Sue and I cannot wait to report back. My trusty old standby is the buddget-friendly creamy Whipped Sugar Scrub from Mad City Soap on Etsy. Her ingredients are lovely and the scrubs are extra nourishing. 

Another favorite is my local artisan Ashley Monney of Cire d'Abeille. Her scrubs are decadent and her prices are affordable. I have tried several of her scrubs and they are all beautiful. I love warm bakery scents, so try out the Salted Caramel Latte Exfoliating Body Scrub.

I have one more favorite scrub and it is pure luxe: Clover and Bee Body Polish No. 1. This is a Lemongrass and Poppyseed Body Polish and has pure essential oils and granulated honey. It is divine and her packaging is stunning.

Aromatherapy Gifts

Do you love essential oils as much as I do? Here are some favorites products of mine made only with 100%  natural and pure oils.

I love EOs, but am picky. I avoid MLM oil brands like the plague and have two go-to brands: Radha and Plant Therapy.

I often give the Radha Beauty Top 8 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set as a gift. I use these myself. The oils are budget friendly, but high quality.

I also love the roll on blends from Plant Therapy and they make great stocking stuffers! One of my favorites is the Meditation Synergy Essential Oil roll on. 

Speaking of essential oil blends, Seed Body Care has a blend for EVERYONE on their list with their Exclusive Beneficial Blends. I love them all, but Dream Land is my favorite. It features a synergistic blend of Lavender, Ginger, and Lemon essential oils and comes in a body oil mist, body wash, body lotion, rich cream, bath blossom or lip oil.

Hair Care Faves

I love, love Evolvh for the hair. Everything I have tried from them is top-notch and if you are looking for a new hair care regimen, you will adore this brand. They have a good deal on their 3 piece system. I personally like the Stunning Volume collection!

I have long been a fan of Rachel Blistein and her company, Original Moxie. Her natural products are made in Michigan and feature really beautiful ingredients. Who doesn't want a bit of bling at Christmas? I know I do! The Hair Bling High Shine Pomade is a favorite of mine and will fast become one of yours.

Lip Pampering

Moisturize those lips! First off, a lip scrub is a non-option. A gift-worthy splurge is the Henne Organics Rose Diamonds scrub. A little goes a long way and the beautiful little glass pot will be pretty sitting on your bathroom counter, too.

My go to daily lip moisturizer is Seed Smoothing Lip Oil with natural Vanilla Planifolia Extract. This is a 100% natural and plant-based formula and is under $6! It is non waxy and I keep my little oils EVERYWHERE around the house. My whole family uses their own favorite formulas of Seed Lip Oil.

Now for some over the top night-time pampering: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I actually use it as the very last step in my nighttime beauty routine. It works as I sleep ad is a great gift for the beauty fanatic on your list.

Hand Care Favorites

Dry cuticles? I get it! It can be rough this time of year, but with the right hand care, you will be in good hands (see what I did there?).

First, start by exfoliating your hands. I have been swooning over the Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub. Please note, if you are avoiding parabens, this is not a paraben free product like the others here.

Sephora has a great nourishing cuticle oil that I am in love with from Nails Inc called Superfood Nail and Cuticle Repair. This would be cute wrapped with a nail polish and hand cream, don't you think?

Follow with a plant-based rich and non greasy hand cream and your nails will be as good as new. My absolute favorite of many year is Seed Healthy Hand Cream. It has been a C & G favorite and one of my most mentioned products for quite a while.

Stay tuned, my friends. I will be back tomorrow with more gift ideas for you.

Who says you can't go home again?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Chic & Green is back! It is such a joy to say that.

In early 2015, I changed the name of the blog I founded in 2007 as Chic & Green to The Beauty Blogger and then The Beauty Writer.

10 and a half years ago, C & G launched. In addition to daily skincare & makeup talk, I featured local businesses and artisan-crafted goods a couple days a week.

Once I took my beauty writing pretty much full-time (thanks, in part, to this blog), I stopped having time to blog each week, much less each day as I had been.

Being a writer is fun. Seeing your work in print gives you a sense of pride.

And it always brought me joy — until it became my J-O-B. When you write for publications, you don’t always get to talk about the products you love, especially if they are not shelling out the big $ to advertise. There’s lots of “Recommend anything you’d like, but remember to include brand X and brand Y.”

Here's a little sample of what I have been up to -

That takes away from the authenticity blogging gives. Is it really genuine when you need to “love” a product because it has an ad on page 32?

December 9th was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 69, had pancreatic cancer not taken his life almost 13 years ago. Dad loved his job. He LOVED going into the newsroom each day. He went in on his off days and holidays. You wouldn’t see him much at election time. He ate, breathed &
slept journalism. I am reminded now more than ever of his words to me years ago that I ALWAYS do what I love.

Today, I submitted my last batch of articles and I am hanging up my magazine writing hat and return to only doing things that bring me joy.

I do blogging and social media for two brands I love (Seed Body Care and Tealightful) & will still do that.

I also have been busy creating at Karley Mott Jewelry- which will be appearing in more boutiques in 2018 - and I am home again here at Chic & Green. It is funny how changing the name of a blog can make it seem like a stranger. Maybe it's weird. Maybe not. I am just thankful. Thankful for my life, for opportunities I have had, and for readers like you.

💕   Oh, how I’ve missed sharing non-beauty topics too. Always follow your heart. Don’t do stuff you’re not passionate about! Here's to another TEN years!

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